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Cathay Pacific $889 LAX to Male, Maldives with Hong Kong stopover Aug to Dec 2016

Cathay Pacific has a low fare around $889 to $915 round trip from Los Angeles for departures on a few dates in May, then from late August to early December 2016. There are some similar fares for San Francisco departures, however, SFO shows far fewer low fare departure dates than LAX. This is an itinerary that can be scheduled for a 2-hour layover, 12 hour layover or multi-day stopover in Hong Kong based on different flight options I found at similar low fares of $905 round trip.

Cathay Pacific  Los Angeles LAX – Hong Kong HKG – Male, Maldives MLE

$889.16 (Priceline) Tuesday December 6 – Sunday December 18

December to April is the dry season and peak season for Maldives tourism.

LAX-MLE CX $889 Dec 8-18

LAX-HKG-MLE-HKG-LAX = 20,472 flight miles.

This low fare books in CX economy N class and is not a miles earning fare code for either Alaska or American AAdvantage. Most miles is 50% with FinnAir or 25% flight miles with British Airways, Cathay Pacific or Qatar.

The big advantage of Cathay Pacific is a free stopover is allowed in Hong both directions with fares pricing around $905 round trip including stopover.

Cathay Pacific Los Angeles – Hong Kong (stopover) – Male, Maldives MLE

$904.62  Dec 7 (six nights in Hong Kong) – Dec 14 (7 nights Maldives) – Dec 21 fly home to LAX

LAX-MLE CX $905 stopover fare Dec7-22

Cathay Pacific Economy N class with outbound stopover in Hong Kong.

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  • Mike May 10, 2016

    What’s it like to fly 15+ hours in CX economy from LAX to HK? Does that make you go crazy?

  • Ric Garrido May 11, 2016

    @Mike – You learn there are muscles in your ass that can ache for days even in places where you did not know there were muscles.

  • Kyle K May 11, 2016

    I’ve flown Cathay Pacific from LAX to Hong Kong in coach. The flight was pretty terrible, but I also stood and read for hours about halfway through. It would’ve been more bearable if the window seat guy didn’t get up every hour, though….

    Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend Hong Kong. I lived there for 5 months, so my experience was a bit different than a vacation, but it’s an incredible place. If it takes the economy booking to get you there, it’s still worth the flight.

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