British Airways San Jose SJC to London LHR 787-9 flights start today

British Airways launched its London LHR to San Jose SJC nonstop 787-9 Dreamliner service today with BA279 scheduled to arrive at 6:15pm (10.5 hour flight) and depart again at 8:05pm for London LHR as BA278. The new generation, more fuel-efficient 787-9 aircraft was first placed into BA service in October 2015 for flights to Delhi, followed by Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Kuala Lumpur and most recently service to Austin, Texas began in February 2016.

British Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft has 216 seats:

In a deal to lure British Airways to San Jose International SJC and get some use out of the underutilized relatively new international terminal, airport officials waived landing, gate and ticket center fees for two years.

This is the first nonstop service to Europe from San Jose since 2001 when American Airlines ceased flights from SJC to Paris.


Photo credit: British Airways press release image 787-9 Club World seats.

You can read all about San Jose, California on the British Airways website.

Most of their suggestions are get out of San Jose and come to some place by the ocean like Monterey.

Good advice.

BA SJC ad for Monterey

I look forward to finding a good deal next winter flying out of San Jose. Perhaps I’ll see if I can route my September return from Europe on a low fare flight out of Europe with an American Airlines ticket for a cheap SJC British Airways flight. Scandinavia is a good bet for low fares.

American Airlines/British Airways Oslo, Norway OSL to San Jose, California SJC

$605.66  Monday October 3 – Monday December 19

London for Christmas with only a carry-on bag in my possession.

I mean Oslo.

“Know what I mean? Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge. Wink wink. Say no more

OSL-SJC $606 Oct 3-Dec19 AA

American Airlines Stockholm, Sweden ARN – San Jose SJC

$540.29 round trip (4,358 SEK) Monday October 3 – Monday December 19

ARN-SJC AA 4358 SEK oct3-Dec19

Of course, most flyers are probably more interested to know the SJC-LHR price.

British Airways / American Airlines San Jose SJC – London LHR

$1,251.96  Thursday July 7 – Sunday July 17

SJC-LHR AA $1252 Jul7-17

The lowest fare currently shown for SJC-LHR round trip is $1,035 for dates in October and November.

Most likely, I’ll be flying this LHR-SJC route starting in Europe when I get a chance.

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  1. Hmmn,. Just went to the BA website to price business class and first class round trip tickets SJO-LHR for July. Web site says only economy seats are available on this route? Does not make sense? Am I to believe that all premium seats for July, 2016 are already sold out?

  2. And it looks like they’ve priced one-ways higher than round trips from LHR.

  3. @James – higher one way than round trip is common for international flights. That is the great value I find with Norwegian for one-way positioning to Europe to take advantage of the far lower round trip ticket prices to USA.
    @John – Google Flights works for checking Business and First Class. I priced May 21-25 $8,614 for Club World business class and $4,934 July 28-Aug 4.

    Lowest fares I see are $4.544 for Business and $5,494 for First Class.

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