Norwegian Airlines flies between 30 countries in Europe

This post is an overview of Norwegian Airlines European airports and routes flown between more than 30 countries in and around Europe. Norwegian Airlines is one of the primary low cost carriers for intra-Europe travel with a route network covering 31 countries across Europe, plus Turkey, Marrakech, Morocco and Tel Aviv, Israel, in addition to Dubai, Bangkok, USA and Canada routes and several Caribbean destinations. Norwegian flies between nearly 100 airports across Europe.

The rationale for why I have made a list of airports in Europe where Norwegian flies from and how many nonstop flights connect to each airport is due to Norwegian offering nonstop flights between countries far removed from Scandinavia. For example, Madrid to Dubrovnik, Croatia or London Gatwick to Rome are two nonstop flight routes on Norwegian Airlines.

I am planning a Norwegian Airlines mileage flight segment run in September for intra-Europe travel after I arrive in Stavanger, Norway SVG on a United Airlines ticket. The challenge for me has been figuring out Norwegian’s routes around Europe and how I can inexpensively knock out flight segments and earn free seat assignments and free checked bag for 12 months after 12 and 18 flight segments.

Loyalty Traveler – Why I am planning a Norwegian Reward mileage run (April 24, 2016).

Dubrovnik, Croatia is one airport I have seriously looked at ticketing. Croatia has been in my sights for years, but the timing never played out until now. Earning Norwegian flight segments while I travel around Europe is incentive to fly around Europe on my next couple of trips.

Norwegian flies nonstop to Dubrovnik, Croatia from ten different airports in Europe. Six airports are in Denmark, Norway and Sweden: Bergen BGO, Oslo OSL, Stavanger SVG and Trondheim TRD in Norway; Stockholm, Sweden ARN and Copenhagen CPH, Denmark. In addition to these northern airports, four airports outside of Scandinavia fly nonstop flights to Dubrovnik from Barcelona, Spain BCN, Madrid, Spain MAD, Helsinki, Finland HEL, and London Gatwick LGW .

For many dates I checked there were lower fares or better dates (many of these routes are not daily) routing via one of these other countries for lower priced flights between Denmark and Norway to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Oslo is the main Norwegian Airlines hub with 97 nonstop flights operating from the airport. Stockholm (59 airports) and Copenhagen (48 airports) are two other primary Scandinavian airport hubs for Norwegian flights. Other major airports with more than ten nonstop destinations are London Gatwick (40), Helsinki (27), Bergen (26), Alicante (22), Malaga (21), Barcelona (19), Madrid (13) and Berlin (10). As far as I can tell, Birmingham BHX in the UK and Cologne-Bonn CGN Germany only fly Norwegian routes to four or five destinations in Spain and the Canary Islands.  These are the only two airports in the Norwegian Europe network that do not offer any Norwegian Airlines routes to a Scandinavian Airport.

Norwegian Airlines Europe Airports List

  1. Oslo, Norway OSL = 95 airports
  2. Stockholm, Sweden ARN = 60 airports
  3. Copenhagen, Denmark CPH = 58 airports
  4. London Gatwick, UK LGW = 40 airports
  5. Helsinki, Finland HEL = 27 airports
  6. Bergen, Norway BGO = 26 airports
  7. Alicante, Spain ALC = 22 airports
  8. Malaga, Spain AGP = 21 airports (including Cologne-Bonn CGN, Oslo-Rygge RYG and Oslo Sandefjord-Torp TRF)
  9. Barcelona, Spain BCN = 19 airports
  10. Trondheim, Norway TRD = 18 airports
  11. Stavanger, Norway SVG = 16 airports
  12. Tenerife-South, Canary Islands, Spain TFS = 14 airports (Denmark: Copenhagen CPH; Finland: Helsinki HEL, Oulu OUL; Germany: Berlin SXF, Cologne Bonn CGN, Hamburg HAM; Munich, MUC, Norway: Oslo OSL; Spain: Malaga AGP; Sweden: Stockholm ARN, Gothenburg GOT; UK: Birmingham BHX, Edinburgh EDI, London Gatwick LGW)
  13. Madrid, Spain MAD = 13 airports (ARN, CPH, HEL and OSL and BHX Birmingham and London LGW, UK; DBV Dubrovnik,Croatia; LPA Gran Canaria, and TFN Tenirife Norte on the Canary Islands of Spain; MLA Malta; CTA Sicily-Catania, Italy; and WAW Warsaw, Poland.)
  14. Grand Canaria, Spain LPA = 13 airports
  15. Gothenburg, Sweden GOT = 10 airports (Sweden: ARN; Spain: AGP, ALC, BCN, PMI; UK: London Gatwick LGW; Greece: CHQ Crete-Chana; France: NCE Nice; PRN Pristina, Kosovo; FCO Rome, Italy).
  16. Berlin-Schönefeld, Germany SXF = 10 airports (UK: London Gatwick LGW; Spain: BCN Canary Islands: LPA, TFS; Denmark: CPH; Sweden: ARN; Norway OSL, BGO, SVG, TRD)
  17. Dubrovnik,Croatia DBV = 10 airports (UK: London Gatwick LGW; Spain: BCN, MAD; Finland: HEL; Denmark: CPH; Sweden: ARN; Norway: Oslo OSL, Bergen BGO May-Oct, Stavanger SVG June-Aug, Trondheim TRD May-Oct.
  18. Mallorca-Palma, Spain PMI = 9 airports (Denmark: AAL, CPH; Finland: HEL; Norway: BGO, OSL, SVG; Sweden: ARN, GOT; UK: LGW)
  19. Nice, France NCE = 7 airports (Norway: BGO (Apr-Oct, OSL, SVG (June-Aug), TRD (May-Oct); Sweden ARN, GOT (Apr-Oct); Finland: HEL (Apr-Oct)
  20. Corfu, Greece CFU = 7 airports Seasonal Service June-August, except from LGW April-September
  21. Crete-Chania, Greece CFQ = 7 airports Seasonal Service April-October (lowest fares from LGW)
  22. Rome, Italy FCO = 7 airports (Norway: BGO, OSL; Denmark CPH; Sweden: ARN, GOT, Finland: HEL; UK: LGW)
  23. Edinburgh, UK EDI = 6 airports (Sweden: ARN, Denmark: CPH, Norway: OSL, Spain: AGP Malaga, BCN Barcelona (seasonal June-Oct), TFS Tenerife-South)
  24. Hamburg, Germany HAM = 6 airports (Norway: OSL and 5 airports in Spain: BCN, MAD, Alicante ALC, Gran Canaria LPA, Malaga AGP)
  25. Krakow, Poland KRK = 6 airports (Sweden: ARN, Norway: BGO, OSL, SVG, TRD; Denmark: CPH)
  26. Manchester, UK MAN = 6 airports (Norway: OSL, SVG; Sweden: ARN; Spain: ALC Alicante, BCN, Barcelona, Malaga AGP)
  27. Munich, Germany MUC = 6 airports (Norway: OSL; Spain: ALC Alicante, LPA Gran Canaria, AGP Malaga, TFS Tenerife-South).
  28. Tromso, Norway TOS = 6 airports (UK: London LGW Spain: Alicante ALC, Gran Canaria LPA; Norway: Alta ALF, Oslo OSL, Trondheim TRD)
  29. Warsaw, Poland WAW = 6 airports (Norway: Oslo OSL, Stavanger SVG; Spain: Barcelona BCN, Madrid MAD, Malaga ATP; UK: London LGW
  30. Aalborg, Denmark AAL = 5 airports (CPH, LGW and Spain)
  31. Budapest, Hungary BUD = 5 airports (ARN, CPH, HEL, LGW, OSL)
  32. Cyprus-Larnaca LCA = 5 airports (ARN, CPH, HEL, LGW, OSL) Seasonal service only from CPH and HEL.
  33. Paris-Orly, France ORY = 5 airports (ARN, BGO, CPH, HEL, OSL)
  34. Prague, Czech Republic PRG = 5 airports (ARN, BGO, CPH, HEL, OSL)
  35. Riga, Latvia RIX = 5 airports (ARN, BGO (June-Aug), CPH, OSL, TRD)
  36. Algarve-Faro, Portugal FAO = 4 airports (ARN, CPH, LGW, OSL)
  37. Cologne-Bonn, Germany CGN = 4 airports (All Spain routes to Alicante ALC, Gran Canaria LPA, Malaga AGP, Tenirife South TFS.
  38. Harstad/Narvik, Norway EVE = 4 airports (Bergen BGO, Oslo OSL, Trondheim TRD, Alicante ALC)
  39. Athens, Greece ATH = 4 airports (ARN, CPH, HEL, OSL)
  40. Bourgas, Bulgaria BOJ = 4 airports (ARN, CPH, HEL, OSL)
  41. Pula, Croatia PUY = 4 airports London LGW (Apr-Oct); Oslo OSL (May-Sep); Stockholm ARN and Helsinki HEL (June-Aug).
  42. Rhodes, Greece RHO = 4 airports (ARN, CPH, HEL, OSL – summer season Jun-Aug only)
  43. Murcia-Alicante, Spain MJV = 4 airports (Bergen, BGO; Oslo OSL; Stavanger SVG; Trondheim TRD Seasonal Service June-August, except OSL May-Oct).
  44. Santorini, Greece JTR = 4 airports (LGW (Apr-Oct) ARN, CPH, OSL all seasonal service Jun-Aug)
  45. Venice, Italy VCE = 4 airports (ARN, CPH, HEL, OSL)
  46. Vilnius, Lithuania VNO = 2 airports (Oslo OSL and Stockholm ARN)
  47. Visby-Gotland, Sweden VBY = 2 airports (Oslo OSL and Stockholm
  48. Alesund, Norway AES = 3 airports (Oslo OSL, London LGW, Alicante, Spain ALC )
  49. Amsterdam, Netherlands AMS = 3 airports (ARN, CPH, Oslo OSL)
  50. Antalya, Turkey AYT = 3 airports (Oslo OSL, BGO Bergen and TRD Trondheim)
  51. Billund, Denmark BLL = 3 airports (Oslo OSL, Alicante ALC and Barcelona BCN Spain)
  52. Crete-Heraklion, Greece HER = 3 airports (ARN, CPH, Oslo OSL) Seasonal Service June-August
  53. Dublin, Ireland DUB = 3 airports (CPH, HEL, Oslo OSL) Note Stockholm ARN does not offer this route.
  54. Kos, Greece KGS = 3 airports (ARN, CPH, Oslo OSL) Seasonal Service June-August
  55. Malta MLA = 3 airports (CPH, Oslo OSL and Madrid MAD)
  56. Marrakech, Morocco RAK = 3 airports (CPH year round; seasonal winter
    service Oslo OSL (October-March); ARN (November-March).
  57. Pisa-Tuscany, Italy PSA = 3 airports (ARN, CPH, Oslo OSL)
  58. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina SJJ = 3 airports (ARN year round, CPH Jun-Aug, OSL Apr-Oct)
  59. Sardinia-Olbia, Italy OLB = 3 airports (Seasonal Service ARN Apr-Oct, CPH Jun-Aug, OSL Jun-Aug)
  60. Alta, Norway ALF = 2 airports (Oslo OSL and TOS Tromso)
  61. Belgrade, Serbia BEG = 2 airports (ARN, Oslo OSL)
  62. Kefalonia, Greece EFL = 2 airports (London LGW, Oslo OSL)
  63. Lanzarote, Spain ACE = 2 airports (London LGW year round, Oslo OSL seasonal begins October 2016)
  64. Lisbon, Portugal LIS = 2 airports (Oslo OSL seasonal May-Sep, Copenhagen CPH seasonal May-Oct)
  65. Molde, Norway MOL = 2 airports (Oslo OSL year round; ALC Alicante, Spain seasonal service June-August)
  66. Pristina, Kosovo PRN = 2 airports Oslo OSL year round, Gothenburg GOT seasonal service June-Aug.
  67. Rekjavik, Iceland KEF = 2 airports (Norway: Bergen BGO and Oslo OSL)
  68. Tel Aviv, Israel TLV = 2 airports (ARN, CPH)_
  69. Varna, Bulgaria VAR = 2 airports (CPH, OSL) Seasonal Service Jun-August)
  70. Andenes, Norway ALX = 1 airport (Oslo OSL) Seasonal Service June-August
  71. Bardufoss, Norway BDU = 1 airport (Oslo OSL)
  72. Bilbao, Spain BIO = 1 airport (Oslo OSL) Seasonal Service June-August
  73. Bodo, Norway BOO = 1 airport (Oslo OSL)
  74. Bordeaux, France BOD = 1 airport (Oslo OSL) Seasonal Service June-August
  75. Dalaman, Turkey DLM = 1 airport (Oslo OSL) Seasonal Service June-August
  76. Gdansk, Poland GDN = 1 airport (Oslo OSL)
  77. Geneva, Switzerland GVA = 1 airport (Oslo OSL)
  78. Haugesund, Norway HAU = 1 airport (Oslo OSL)
  79. Kirkenes, Norway KKN = 1 airport (Oslo OSL)
  80. Korsica-Ajaccio AJA Corsica, France = 1 airport (Oslo OSL) Seasonal Service June-August
  81. Kristiansand, Norway KRS =  1 airport Oslo (OSL)
  82. Lakselv, Norway LKL = 1 airport (Oslo OSL) Seasonal Service June-August
  83. Lefkas Preveza, Greece PVK = 1 airport (Oslo OSL) Seasonal Service June-August
  84. Longyearbyen-Svalbard, Norway = 1 airport (Oslo OSL) [Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Spitsbergen is world’s northernmost commercial hotel].
  85. Menorca, Spain MNH = 1 airport (Oslo OSL) seasonal summer service June-August
  86. Milan, Italy MXP = 1 airport (Oslo OSL)
  87. Montenegro-Tivat, Montengro TIV = 1 airport (Oslo OSL) seasonal summer service June-August
  88. Palanga/Klaipeda, Lithuania PLQ = 1 airport (Oslo OSL)
  89. Rijeka, Croatia RJK = 1 airport (Seasonal Service OSL Jun-Aug)
  90. Sicily-Catania, Italy CTA = 5 airports (London LGW, Madrid MAD, ARN, CPH, OSL (Oslo seasonal service Jun-Aug)
  91. Split, Croatia SPU = 8 airports (Seasonal Service April-Oct: London LGW, ARN, OSL, HEL, May-Oct CPH; Jun-Aug BGO, SVG, TRD)
  92. Szczecin, Poland SZZ = 1 airport (Oslo OSL)
  93. Tallinn, Estonia TLL = 1 airport (Oslo OSL)
  94. Verona, Italy VRN = 1 airport (Seasonal Service OSL Jun-Aug)
  95. Vienna, Austria VIE = 1 airport (Oslo OSL)

Countries Norwegian flies in and around Europe

  1. Austria
  2. Bosnia and Hercegovina
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Croatia
  5. Cyprus
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Denmark
  8. Estonia
  9. Finland
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Hungary
  14. Iceland
  15. Ireland
  16. Israel
  17. Italy
  18. Kosovo
  19. Latvia
  20. Lithuania
  21. Malta
  22. Montenegro
  23. Morocco
  24. Netherlands
  25. Norway
  26. Poland
  27. Portugal
  28. Serbia
  29. Spain
  30. Sweden
  31. Switzerland
  32. Turkey
  33. United Kingdom

Norwegian also has routes to Dubai DXB from 3 airports (ARN, CPH, HEL) and Bangkok, Thailand from 3 airports (ARN, CPH, OSL) and routes to the Caribbean, in addition to USA/Canada – Europe routes.

Primary Norwegian Airlines hub airports for Direct (nonstop) Flights

Oslo is the main Norwegian Airlines hub with the most direct flights to 97 different airports. Stockholm ARN has 59 destinations and Copenhagen CPH has 58 destinations. London Gatwick LGW is another major hub with 40 destinations. There are frequently lower fares to Mediterranean region airports from UK and Spain than flying Norwegian to these places from Scandinavian airports.

For example, I constructed a round trip fare for direct flights between Stockholm and Gran Canaria, Spain LPA with 279 EUR round trip fare as the best deal for nonstop flights in June 2016 on Norwegian. Since I am a tourist traveler, I don’t need to minimize time in transit. The same trip can be done with separate Norwegian Airlines tickets flying six segments from Stockholm-Oslo-Barcelona-Gran Canaria-Barcelona-Oslo-Stockholm for an even lower total ticket fare 267 EUR all-in. London and Copenhagen can be added for another $30 or so each.

It is possible to route an itinerary through Europe flying Norwegian Air without returning to the same hub airport. A flight departing Oslo can be routed back to Scandinavia via Copenhagen, Helsinki, London or Stockholm. Different airports in Scandinavia, Finland, UK, Spain and Germany offer many nonstop routes allowing the flyer to avoid the need to fly through the same airport twice.  As a tourist, Norwegian Airlines offers a good network of routes to cross much of Europe.

Save this Norwegian Low Fare Calendar link

One of the primary tools to use when planning travel within Europe is the Norwegian Airlines fare calendar.

The red box I added to the Norwegian Fare Calendar shows these fares are for Direct Flights (Nonstop) from Copenhagen CPH and the lowest fare by month to 58 airports with direct flights from Copenhagen. This page can be adjusted to any Norwegian Airlines airport and also show connecting flight options. But remember, I have not yet seen a connecting flight ticket with a lower overall price than buying two one-way tickets. The difference is simply the option for overall lower seat assignment and checked bag fees.

Norwegian Fare Calendar CPH

Save this Norwegian Low Fare Calendar link

Norwegian Airlines fare calendar.

For most tickets I researched, the fare for two one-way direct flights is lower than the fare for a single one-stop ticket. For example, Bergen to Oslo to Barcelona is going to be a few euros more in ticket price than booking two tickets Bergen to Oslo and Oslo to Barcelona for the same flights.

Norwegian Airlines Stavanger, Norway SVG to Oslo OSL 32.90€ + 9.00€ Seat Reservation + 9.00€ Checked bag = 50.90€

Norwegian Airlines Oslo, Norway OSL to Krakow, Poland KRK 32.90€ + 12.00€ Seat Reservation + 12.00€ Checked bag = 56.90€

Two one-tickets SVG-OSL and OSL-KRK with seat assignment and one checked bag = 107.80€.

Yet, bundle these two one-way tickets into a single SVG-KRK one-stop via Oslo and the price rises to 116.60€. Buying a single ticket raises the price by 8.80€.

SVG-KRK 116EURow Sep 12

Norwegian prices SVG-KRK at 74.60€ one way on Sep 12. Book these same flights as two one-way tickets SVG-OSL and OSL-KRK and the total price is 65.80€. The seat assignment and checked bag fees are the same, whether ticketed as one SVG-OSL-KRK ticket or two separate flights SVG-OSL and OSL-KRK.

Since there are so many direct flights between airports outside Scandinavia, booking travel can be lower priced by flying to another airport for the flight destination you really desire. For example, fares to Gran Canaria are lower priced from London, Barcelona and Madrid than they are from Stockholm or Copenhagen. Flying Stockholm to Oslo to Barcelona to Gran Canaria can be a lower ticket price than flying direct and allow you to see three cities with Norwegian Airlines as a traveler rather than a quick week getaway to the Canary Islands as a vacationer.

Next up, I’ll show how to combine Norwegian Air low fare routes with low hotel rate cities in potential travel itineraries using hotel loyalty program flights and low cost Norwegian flight segments to see Europe.

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  1. I am pretty sure they also fly from Copenhagen to Tel-Aviv Israel, at least half of the year, with very low fares.

  2. Why do you reserve a seat? That is a waste of money.

    When you check in you automatically get a seat assigned, and they fill up from back to front. At the airport you can change seat at the check-in kiosks and then there are always good availability in the front – and sometimes even exit rows.

    Never pay for seat with DY, though I probably have 75% of flights at the exit row.

  3. @Uri – Thanks for Tel Aviv. I added TLV to my lists.

    I knew Norwegian has flights to Tel Aviv, but it was missing from list since I was using Oslo as my master list for building these airport routes and Tel Aviv flights only operate from Copenhagen and Stockholm.

    @ole – Seats are primarily for USA flights. I don’t want a middle seat on an 11-hour flight. There were plenty of empty seats in back of plane on my most recent ARN-OAK flight, but my OAK-ARN flight last September had only two empty middle seats on plane and I was lucky that one of those seats was next to me.

    I don’t care about seat assignments for intra-Europe flights.

  4. I was tired yesterday when I published this piece. It took far longer than I expected over the weekend to compile Norwegian routes.

    Noticed this morning Montenegro and Switzerland were also left off the country list so actually 31 or 32 European countries (32 if Turkey counted as part of Europe) + Morocco and Israel and Dubai flights.

  5. Not my idea of a fun vacation…….seems to me you are chasing your tail……..

  6. How is traveling around Europe not a fun vacation. Perhaps you missed my point. I only need 18 flight segments per year. I can pick up those flight segments for around $30 each.

    How is Norway to London to Spain to Croatia not a fun trip?

    There is no time constraint to rush through flights. I will make two Norwegian flights in July. Probably six to eight more in September, when I travel around Norway and fly from Norway to Croatia. Then I only need 10 more flight segments by July 2017 to earn free checked bag.

    In November I will likely need to fly Stockholm to London and back and in January I might make an Arctic winter adventure trip when round trip fares from Oakland to Europe on Norwegian are under $300.

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