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WestJet $300 to $400 one-way fares to London LGW and 50% Delta miles from many USA airports

Ever heard of WestJet? If you are not familiar with the Canadian airline WestJet, you will soon learn the name if you are seeking discount airfare to London from across the USA. WestJet is another game changer like Norwegian Air and WOW Air, for lower fares from USA to London and Europe.

One way fares with WestJet are in the $300 to $400 range for travel September to November, comparable to Norwegian Airlines and WOW discount fares for USA to London Gatwick routes. While Norwegian and WOW operate from about ten US airports, mostly Florida and California, Westjet offers London discount fares from dozens of airports in middle America and other places where there were no low fare options to Europe before.

WestJet Partners with Delta Air Lines

WestJet offers one-way discount fares to London LGW from many USA airports. WestJet flies its own aircraft from airports across the USA to Canadian airports or codeshares with Delta as a partner for USA to Canada flights for connections to WestJet B767 flights between Canada and London Gatwick LGW.

WestJet partners with Delta and Alaska for USA connections to Canada with low fares to London from far more airports across the USA than Norwegian Airlines or Wow Air. You can travel to London with low one-way fares from airports like Nashville, Omaha, and Oklahoma City.

WestJet offers discount one-way fares from airports up and down the western USA from San Diego to Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt lake City, San Jose, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Missoula. This is a huge development for the regional airport flyer who wants reasonable airline fares to Europe.

WestJet earns 50% Delta Skymiles to London or 100% AAdvantage for USA-Canada regional flights

50% Delta Skymiles for WestJet flights is probably the primary competitive advantage for Westjet flights.

WestJet flights in USA and Canada earn 100% American AAdvantage miles, but WestJet transAtlantic flights are not currently eligible for AAdvantage  miles. Westjet also uses Alaska Airlines flights, but is not currently a miles partner.

Lower bag fees than Norwegian and WOW Air

Another advantage to WestJet flights are lower bag fees in the $20 to $25 each way range compared to discount airlines Norwegian (about $50 each way) and WOW Air (about $70 each way).

WestJet  Nashville BNA – Toronto YYZ – London LGW

$303 one way  Wednesday October 5, 2016

WestJet BNA-LGW $303ow Oct 5

WestJet site BNA-LGW $303

Note the checked bag fee is $25 to $30 CAD. That is about 50% of a checked bag fee on Norwegian Airlines and less than half the bag fee for WOW.

This is an incredible deal from Nashville to London for a one-way flight.

One-way flights from London to Nashville are more expensive.

WestJet LGW-BNAow $422  Oct 11

Nashville to London LGW for Thanksgiving $747 round trip

WestJet  Nashville BNA – Toronto YYZ – London LGW

$746.69  Saturday November 19 – Sunday November 27

BNA-LGW $747 WestJet Nov19-27

BNA-YYZ-LGW-YYZ-BNA = 8,436 flight miles. These flights earn 4,218 redeemable miles in Delta Skymiles. Or credit the Canada flights to AAdvantage for 100% miles credit and 1,282 flight miles for BNA-YYZ segments and 3,576 redeemable miles with Delta for Toronto-London flights.

(Note: crediting Westjet to both AAdvantage and Delta requires submitting each flight segment boarding pass to respective American and Delta programs after flights.)

WestJet with airline partners Alaska and Delta from airports like Atlanta, Boise, Omaha and Nashville opens up more low fare opportunities for travel to Europe for flyers in US locations, where Norwegian or WOW Air gateway airports in the USA are still an expensive domestic flight away.

WestJet sample round trip fares from USA Airports to London

Los Angeles LAX – London LGW one-way fares Tuesday October 4

Norwegian (nonstop) = $295

WestJet (via YVR) = $323

WOW (via Iceland) = $379

LAX-LGW Google Flights ow fares Oct 4

WestJet has competitive fares to Norwegian and WOW Air in a highly competitive discount fare market like LAX.

The real deal is WestJet is the low fare leader to London for a regional market like Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City – London Gatwick LGW

$362 one way Tuesday Oct 4

WestJet SLC-LGW $368ow Oct 4

Omaha OMA to London Gatwick LGW $353 one way

WestJet OMA-LGW $353ow Oct5

Omaha OMA to London Gatwick LGW $856 round trip

Round trip fare shows the far higher taxes for travel from London back to the USA.

OMA-LGW $811 rt WestJet Oct5-17

WestJet is still hundreds of dollars less than other airlines to London.

WestJet Omaha, Nebraska OMA – London Gatwick LGW

$886 round trip Oct 5 – Oct 17

OMA-LGW $886 WestJet Oct 5-17

$886 might not seem like a deal for a ticket to London, but this is a round trip ticket starting from Omaha, Nebraska.

Omaha OMA to London round trip ticket prices compared Oct 5-17

  • American Airlines = $1,441
  • Delta = $1,476
  • United = $1,476
  • WestJet = $886 (with 4 of 6 flights operated by Delta).

Round trip ticket price is more than double ticket price for one-way USA to London travel due to far higher taxes departing London.

WestJet OKC-LGW one way $370.40   WestJet LGW-OKA $455.33ow

Taxes for OKC to LGW flights = $35.90 or 9.7% ticket price.

Taxes for LGW to OKC flights = 119.42 GBP or 37.4% ticket price.

One way around high London taxes for flyers who want to go to Europe multiple times is fly from USA to London one-way and buy lower cost round trip tickets flying from London or another European airport to USA. That is a strategy I frequently use to fly for about half the ticket price of regular round trip tickets starting in USA.

WestJet is a major player in low cost flights to Europe

WestJet is a game changer in the discount airfare scene for Europe bringing low fares to London to travelers all across the USA, and not just from Norwegian Airlines and WOW Airport hubs.

I’ll be writing much more about WestJet air fare deals in 2016 as a major discount fare strategy for travel to London and Europe.

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  • Debra April 14, 2016

    I flew with WestJet from Edmonton to Glasgow, and then back via Dublin. They are unaccustomed to overnight flights, and they have no place for the flight attendants to sit while on break, other than in the galley. I got no sleep thanks to the gabby flight attendants and it ruined the first part of my vacation. WestJet is good for short hops, but unless you don’t mind long hours on small planes or you really need cheap American miles, I would look elsewhere.

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