AA or NZ $535 round trip New Zealand to Los Angeles Oct-Nov 2016

American Airlines and Air New Zealand have a fare war today for round trip travel originating from New Zealand to Los Angeles. Round trip ticket prices are as low as $535 USD on American Airlines and $535 on Air New Zealand. This deal is available for travel from October 15, 2016 to late February 2017 with many low fare dates during those months.

American Airlines also has low fares to LAS Las Vegas at $641 round trip or $683 to San Francisco SFO. This can be an opportunity for travelers in the US to book nested tickets and take two trips to New Zealand over the next year at discount prices.

Fares from other New Zealand airports like Christchurch CHC and Wellington WLG are around $650 round trip on AA or NZ. There are even more departure city options like Queenstown ZQN with Air New Zealand at fares from $650 to $750 round trip. A multi-city itinerary like AKL-LAX-ZQN reduces the price from $750 to $650 round trip on Air New Zealand.

American Airlines Departure Dates: American Airlines from Auckland, NZ $553 fares begin October 15 – December 5, 2016. Return dates for $553 fare go through December 13 and resume January 5 through end of schedule in February 21, 2017. There are a few return dates around $600 during the Christmas-New Year’s week.

American Airlines  Auckland AKL – Los Angeles LAX

$534.46  Tuesday October 25 – Saturday November 12, 2016

AKL-LAX AA $535 Oct 25 - Nov 12

AKL-SYD-LAX-AKL = 15,337 flight miles.

Air New Zealand Departure Dates: From AKL October 15 – November 19.

Air New Zealand  Auckland AKL – Los Angeles LAX

$534.46 Saturday October 15 – Tuesday November 8, 2016

AKL-LAX NZ $535 Oct 15-Nov8


Nested ticket strategy for two trips to New Zealand

If you want to visit New Zealand two times, then you can book nested tickets buying one low fare and redeeming miles for the other round trip or figure out some other way to get to New Zealand.

You can book a flight from Auckland to Los Angeles in October with a return in February 2017. This means you can book travel from USA to New Zealand in October with return in February or March and travel to New Zealand two times at a discount. Or book one way USA-New Zealand, fly a paid ticket back to LAX, return to New Zealand in winter 2017 and start travel from there to somewhere else.

American Airlines  Auckland AKL – Los Angeles LAX

$534.46  Saturday October 22 – Sunday February 12, 2016

AKL-LAX $535 Oct 22-Feb 12

AKL-LAX-AKL = 13,008 flight miles.

Source: FlyerTalk – AA: AKL-LAX $535 USD rt Oct-Dec (4.11cpm).

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