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AAdvantage LAX-Brazil nested tickets $950 for 25,000 EQM April-May 2016

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There is currently an opportunity to purchase two American Airlines nested round trip tickets for around $950 all-in and fly Los Angeles LAX to Sao Paulo, Brazil GRU to earn 25,000 EQM, while traveling to Brazil for two trips.

In April and May 2016 round trip fares on American Airlines LAX-GRU are $586 to $594 round trip. Even better, American Airlines sells the reverse route GRU-LAX for around $360 round trip.

American Airlines LAX-GRU Sao Paulo, Brazil

$586 to $600 round trip many dates April-May 2016

LAX-GRU Google Flights APril-May16 $590

Google Flights Calendar April-May 2016 American Airlines $586-$600 round trip fares for LAX – GRU Sao Paulo, Brazil.

American Airlines  Sao Paulo, Brazil GRU – LAX Los Angeles

$338-$351 several dates round trip April-May 2016

There is a price discrepancy between Google Flights GRU-LAX and the $360-$364 higher price shown in this post. Google Flights takes you to American Airlines Brazil site for booking. I used the USA site for checking ticket prices and this tends to raise the fare around $20 to $25.

GRU-LAX Google Flights $350 Apr-May16

Nested Tickets for two trips to Brazil for $950 and 25,000 EQM in AAdvantage

Nested tickets are a ticketing opportunity when there is a low fare from the USA to an international destination and an even lower round trip fare from the international airport to your home airport.

South America often had this opportunity and you can book two trips for a lower airfare nesting tickets than buying two round trip tickets starting in the USA.

The Brazil deal allows an American Airlines flyer to book a $590 fare LAX-Brazil with a long window for the return flight. Buy a second lower priced ticket for $360 starting in Brazil and fly back to LAX on the cheaper ticket. When you are ready to return to Brazil for a second trip, fly the cheap ticket return and then come back to the USA on your first ticket.

  • Ticket 1: LAX-GRU / GRU-LAX $590
  • Ticket 2: GRU-LAX / LAX- GRU $360
  • Ticket 1 to Brazil; Ticket 2 to LAX; Ticket 2 to Brazil; Ticket 1 to LAX.

American Airlines Los Angeles LAX – GRU Sao Paulo, Brazil

$589.40  round trip for nonstop flights  Sat April 9 – Sun May 15

LAX-GRU AA $589 Apr9-May15

LAX-GRU-LAX = 12,312 flight miles.

This ticket can also be routed via Miami or Dallas for more miles, but perhaps not a whole lot more miles to hassle an extra flight segment.

  • LAX-GRU nonstop = 6,156 miles
  • LAX-DFW-GRU = 6,346 miles (190 more miles than nonstop)
  • LAX-MIA-GRU = 6.414 miles  (258 more miles than nonstop)

American Airlines GRU Sao Paulo, Brazil – Los Angeles LAX 

$364.00  round trip for nonstop flights  Wed April 13 – Sun May 8

GRU-LAX AA $364 Apr13-May8

GRU-MIA-LAX-MIA-GRU = 12,828 flight miles.

$954.40 for two American Airlines round trip nested tickets to Sao Paulo, Brazil GRU for 25,140 EQM in AAdvantage and two trips to Brazil.

Brazil trip 1: Leave LAX April 9 –14 return to LAX.

Brazil Trip 2: Leave LAX May 8 – 15 return to LAX.

There are sufficient low fare dates to shorten the time in Brazil to a quick turnaround flight or lengthen the stay for a week or two in Brazil on each trip.

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