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Radisson Blu Amsterdam location is perfect for poke and toke

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Reading hotel reviews of Radisson Blu Amsterdam surprised me in the fact that many reviews commented on the hotel’s close proximity to the Red Light District as a positive feature and many reviews say the hotel is centrally located within walking distance to everything. I scanned dozens of TripAdvisor hotel reviews and nobody mentioned there are three coffeeshops within 100 feet of the hotel entrance for a different kind of transactional behavior with the working locals of Amsterdam.

Kelley and I stayed at Radisson Blu Amsterdam four nights this month on two separate 2-night stays sandwiched around a stay at the InterContinental Amstel. This is one of the hotels I booked last May at 50,000 points as a Club Carlson Visa card holder using the award stay one free night benefit for each 2-night stay. On June 1, 2015 this and many other Club Carlson category 6 hotels increased 40% in reward night cost when it moved up to Category 7 at 70,000 points. In combination with the loss of the free night benefit for Visa card holders, the reward rate now is nearly 200% more than when I booked our four nights for 100,000 points in May 2015. Four reward nights at Radisson Blu Amsterdam cost 280,000 points now.

This was my first time staying at Radisson Blu Amsterdam, although I was familiar with its location near the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Proximity to the prostitution windows is a tourist activity we don’t care for in Amsterdam and probably the main reason why we had not stayed at this hotel before.

Rad Blu Amsterdam atrium reflection

Amsterdam is about Location, Location, Location

As a tourist in Europe, there are few places where I can knowledgeably compare different parts of the city for hotel location. Since 2000 I probably have spent more than six months in Amsterdam, generally staying one to two weeks at a time.

There are four Club Carlson properties in central Amsterdam. Park Plaza Victoria and Art’otel Amsterdam are adjacent to each other and directly across the street from Centraal Station, the city train station. You will likely arrive in Amsterdam at Centraal Station if you take the train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (around 5 EUR one way; no discount for round trip tickets). Proximity to Centraal Station is a great location for some tourists. You can stumble your way from bar to prostitute to coffeeshop in a dense concentration of Amsterdam vice. But Centraal Station is also the main transportation hub for the city and thousands of people crowd the sidewalks as they pass through the area each day. That place can be crowded. And all city trams with their clanging bells from 6am to midnight terminate at Centraal Station.

I have never been inside either of the Club Carlson Centraal Station location hotels. Centraal Station is not a desirable city location for me. I don’t like crowds on the street when I first step outside the hotel.

Last year we stayed at Park Plaza Vondelpark, on the western side of Amsterdam, off the south side of Vondelpark, the main city park of Amsterdam. I like the west side location for quiet residential areas with far fewer tourists. The downside is more frequent use of city trams where the #2 tram takes you to Museumplein in about five minutes, where Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum are located. Ten minutes to Leidseplein, the entertainment and shopping area. 15 minutes to Dam Square (as much city center as any place in Amsterdam) and 20 to 25 minutes to reach Centraal Station for a train to the airport or somewhere else.

Park Plaza Vondelpark tends to be the lowest priced of Club Carlson’s four Amsterdam city center hotels, often with rates less than half the other three hotels. You can buy a lot of tram rides with the room rate savings.

Loyalty Traveler – Hotel Review: Park Plaza Vondelpark Amsterdam (Feb 19, 2015).

Radisson Blu Amsterdam in De Wallen

The location of Radisson Blu Amsterdam is the area called De Wallen and also within relatively close proximity to Centraal Station. From the train station the Radisson Blu Amsterdam is about 15 to 20 minutes walk or ride a tram one stop and the hotel is a five to ten minute walk. Nieuwemarkt Metro Station is one stop from Centraal Station and puts you within a couple hundred meters of the hotel.

De Wallen is the red light district of Amsterdam where there are a few hundred windows with prostitutes. Apparently, the city has a gentrification plan in place that has closed down around 25% of De Wallen windows in the past few years. This April 9, 2015 article in the International Business Times is about a prostitute protest and states 115 of 500 windows had been closed. Most sources I see now state there are about 300 windows in De Wallen.

The other thing about De Wallen is the trams do not go into the area. You can take the Metro from Centraal Station one stop to Nieuwemarkt. Radisson Blu Amsterdam is probably a ten minute walk to a tram line and five minutes to the Nieuwemarkt Metro, if you navigate the canal streets without getting lost.

That being said, walking to and from Radisson Blu Amsterdam without passing by prostitute windows is easy once you figure out the local canal streets and develop directional sense in Amsterdam.

Google maps Rad Blu Ams

My rough approximation of the main De Wallen prostitution windows area relative to Radisson Blu Amsterdam (hotel pin at bottom of map). I am just guessing since my main excursion into the red light area was a visit to Oude Kerk, Amsterdam’s oldest church and building, and gravestone site for Saskia Rembrandt. Avoiding the Red Light District was fairly easy once I had a rough approximation of where the windows are concentrated. I don’t think Kelley ever saw a prostitute window in our hours walking around the hotel area. I came across several windows on the back side of Oude Kerk.

Oude Kerk

Oude Kerk in De Wallen is the oldest building in Amsterdam. Church beams have been dated to 1390 from Estonia lumber. When I snapped this photo, I had my back to the prostitutes in windows across the street.

Photographer Warning: Be very careful when carrying a camera in De Wallen. I have seen people attacked on the street for taking photos of prostitutes.

The reason I am describing De Wallen and the Red Light District is I have avoided staying at hotels in this part of Amsterdam. Encounters with drunk Brits wanting to fight and people who become hostile when they see a camera generally keeps me away from Amsterdam sightseeing in De Wallen area. The four days and nights we spent at Radisson Blu Amsterdam revealed this oldest part of Amsterdam is a vibrant place with college students attending University of Amsterdam one block from Radisson Blu. The people on the streets seemed more touristy than low-life. The area seemed more upscale than I remember from more than a decade ago.

Unive Ams

University of Amsterdam is on next block south from Radisson Blu hotel. View above is standing in front of university looking opposite way.

Zuiderkerk view

View of Zuiderkerk (1602-1614). Radisson Blu is left of bridge.

I found the most interesting part of this area in Amsterdam was in the Zuiderkerk direction which is close to Rembrandt House Museum and De Waag, the historic weigh station for old Amsterdam.

University of Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam (1632) building tops. Clock tower is dated 1875.

There is something special about being in the historic canal district of old Amsterdam. The top hotels in the city tend to be around the 17th century canal rings of Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht. The construction of the canal ring in the 1600s was one of the largest and most advanced engineering infrastructure projects ever accomplished worldwide to that time. Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that many of the houses and buildings along the oldest canals still stand as remodeled shells. The exterior of canal houses gives the appearance of a 17th century cityscape, while the interiors generally offer most modern conveniences. The Amsterdam 17th century canal ring is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Amsterdam has over 100 km of canals and 1,500 bridges. Kelley and I tend to spend hours and days walking canals each time we visit the city. Amsterdam is one of the prettiest cities I know.

Radisson Blu Amsterdam is located in the oldest part of Amsterdam, pre-dating the 17th century canal ring construction.

Rad Blu AMS street

Typical Dutch style 17th century house is a narrow, multi story house.  Radisson Blu Amsterdam is located behind this row of buildings.

Rad Blu AMS Ext

Radisson Blu Amsterdam hotel also includes the entire building on the left side. Large canal view suites are located on upper floors of the six floor building. Most business class suites are in the building on the left. There is an underground walkway between the two buildings inside the Radisson Blu hotel.

Kloveniersburgwal canal view

The Waag is a 15th century weigh house on Nieuwmarkt Square (where the Metro stop is located). This was originally one of the Amsterdam city gates. This is the oldest non-religious building in Amsterdam. My photo is taken from the bridge over the canal by Radisson Blu Amsterdam.

De Waag

The Waag, 15th century weigh house and former city gate of Amsterdam.

Oude Kerk Amsterdam

Oude Kerk, 14th century church and oldest building in Amsterdam.

Overall, I enjoyed the location of Radisson Blu Amsterdam since this is a part of the city I have rarely explored. Oude Kerk, The Waag and Rembrandt’s House kept me occupied for a couple of days with my annual museum card (60 EUR) giving me free access to Oude Kerk (10 EUR) and Rembrandt’s House (13 EUR). Albert Heijn supermarket for our daily grocery shopping was about a ten minute walk from the Radisson and near Rembrandt’s House.

The hotel’s location near the red light district held little interest for us. Kelley and I have each other to poke. The proximity to three coffeeshops beside the Radisson Blu is another interesting feature of the hotel location.

Coffeeshop Rusland

Coffeeshop Rusland is across Rusland street from Radisson Blu Amsterdam in the dark colored building with two windows at top. Rusland is one of the oldest coffeeshops in Amsterdam from 1975.

Rad Blu Coffeeshops

Radisson Blu is the building on left and the main part of the hotel is behind the canal houses seen on right side. The two canal houses on the left end have coffeeshops on their ground floor: Coffeehop Basjoe and Coffeeshop Bagheera.

Radisson Blu Amsterdam location is perfect for tourists who want to poke and toke. I found the area interesting for a section of Amsterdam I had not explored in depth before, however, considering average room rates are over $250 per night and the reward night rate is now 70,000 Club Carlson points per night, I doubt I will return to the hotel as a guest.

Kelley and I stayed in three different rooms at the hotel during our four nights. Radisson Blu Amsterdam Hotel review to come.

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I only posted two small pieces from Amsterdam last week during my trip.

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  • Scott February 28, 2016

    Toke & Poke..?

    This really belongs on some other website..

  • Ric Garrido February 28, 2016

    I describe what I see when I visit a place. Radisson Blu Amsterdam is one of the main chain hotels in close proximity to the Red Light District and there are three coffeeshops outside the door on the same block. I think some readers will appreciate knowing more about where they are going when they head to Radisson Blu Amsterdam.

  • Graydon February 28, 2016

    Interesting Rick, we stayed at this Radisson Blu last summer for a few nights and besides Rusland I didn’t notice anything else. In fact we wandered the neighborhood quite a bit and never found the prostitutes (wasn’t looking for them) but I did find a cool used bookstore at the end of the block if you turned left out of the main hotel exit by the restaurant. Guy running it was an ex pat and had a great selection of books. We spent most of the time walking to stuff we wanted to see and I must admit I was a bit oblivious to a lot of stuff. I did mess with a couple of stoned Brits who had just left Rusland.

    I agree about the point increase making this less of a desired hotel now but besides that it was nice and quiet at night, or perhaps we just lucked out.

  • Ric Garrido February 28, 2016

    The neighborhood is beautiful and historic. We enjoyed the bookstore alley at the University on the next block.

    Kelley liked the location and she never saw a prostitute window in our walks. I have a good enough sense of direction to avoid those areas of Amsterdam. It would be easy to stay at Radisson Blu Amsterdam and never notice what is happening around the neighborhood if you don’t pay attention to the coffeeshops and you avoid walking a couple blocks north to the sex shops and red light windows.

    Based on the number of hotel reviews on TripAdvisor mentioning the hotel’s proximity to Red Light District, I assume that is of interest to many tourists. If so, Radisson Blu Amsterdam is a perfect location.

    Radisson Blu location itself is fine. I prefer hotels closer to the Museumplein area rather than the canal district for price and residential neighborhood feel.

  • Arthur H February 28, 2016

    I’m staying here in July, booked right before the deval. Thought the title was amusing.

  • Marilyn B February 28, 2016

    My husband and I stayed here for 6 nights in April 2014, alternating 2-for-1 night stays. I emailed the hotel before we left home and we were given a large canal view room (lower floor – 2d or 3d- don’t remember exactly). We loved the room and the location. We walked everywhere, never once using a tram. We found several places for breakfast nearby, since we don’t eat much and didn’t want the pricey hotel offering (did you find De Laatste Kruimel ?) . I will admit that we did seek out a look at the Wallen district once, but even when we walked through it on the way to Centraal Station for a few excursions out of the city, we didn’t pass any windows, and just ignored the few graphic storefronts we passed by. We didn’t even pay attention to Rusland across the street. Thoroughly enjoyed Amsterdam but now with the significant point increase, I doubt we would return to this hotel. Glad we were able to enjoy it when we did.

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  • I bet you didn’t know this, but I have my LLM degree in International and European Community Law from the University of Amsterdam. I lived there in 1990-91. I’ve been back many times, though many of the visits were overnight KLM layovers. I was back for a 10 year reunion the month after 9/11, and this May some of my classmates are putting together a 25 year reunion (where does the time go?). Your blog post was very thorough and brought back memories of streets I walked down daily. Thank you! For this upcoming visit, I booked the Andaz for 2 nights, and the Hyatt Place Schipol for one.

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