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After drinking up at W Amsterdam rooftop bar, go downstairs for toilets

As Kelley and I walked past the W Amsterdam the other day, I said, “We have to go to the rooftop bar later so you can see the views.”

She asked, “Do you want to go now?”

I looked around at the clear skies and the colorful light of the setting winter sun on the building tops around us. The realization suddenly hit me that this was precisely the best time to be in the W lounge for views.

W AMS view-1

W Amsterdam roof views from top floor bar lounge.

W AMS view-2

W Amsterdam view of Atlas statue on Royal Palace across the street.

W AMS view of Westerkerk

W Amsterdam view of Westerkerk.

After a beer in the bar, Kelley went looking for the toilet. Upon her return she said I must take a trip downstairs to the toilet too.

Reaching the toilet meant a walk down the stairs in the building that used to be the telephone exchange prior to its remodel into the W Amsterdam over the past couple years. W Amsterdam has only been open for about three months.

W AMS stairs

Blinded by the W Light (or lack of light)

W AMS bathroom

W Amsterdam toilets.

W AMS Toilet

The lights are in the toilet stalls too.

W AMS sinks

W Amsterdam is probably my most photographed toilet for Loyalty Traveler. Fortunately, nobody else was in the bathroom as I snapped away taking photos with my iPhone.

Going down to the toilets is an experience not to be missed when hanging out at the W Amsterdam.

W AMS Good Evening    W AMS sign

Loyalty Traveler – W Amsterdam Fine Dam Views (Feb 4, 2016).

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