Best Rate Guarantee Hotel-Airline Loyalty Promotions 2016-Q1 Las Vegas Las Vegas Hotels Las Vegas LAS Starwood Hotels Starwood Preferred Guest Tribute Portfolio for Starwood best rate guarantee at SLS Las Vegas, plus In the Cards bonus offer has been my best friend lately for getting discount rates at Las Vegas hotels through approved best rate guarantee claims. Yesterday, I checked hotel rates on and found a rate discrepancy for SLS Las Vegas, a member of Starwood Hotels Tribute Portfolio. Starwood Hotels had a flexible rate of $87 and had the same room type for $71. I booked the $87 rate on Starwood Hotels and immediately filed a best rate guarantee claim.

SLS Las Vegas $87 rate

Starwood Hotels rate = $129.92 after taxes and resort fees.

SLS Las Vegas $71 vegasdotcom rate $71 flexible cancellation rate for World King = $108.94 after tax and fees.

There was a 39 hour difference in cancellation policies without penalty between’ flexible rate and flexible rate. had a cancellation deadline of 11:59pm Sunday, February 7, while Starwood Hotels cancellation deadline without penalty was 3:00pm, Tuesday February 9, 2016. As I noted in my post yesterday: Testing Starwood Hotels best rate guarantee in Vegas, I have had few BRG claims rejected in 2015 due to differences in cancellation penalty, as long as they are both flexible cancellation at the time the BRG claim is approved.

Within 2.5 hours of submitting my Starwood BRG claim, my claim was approved and the room rate for SLS Las Vegas was reduced to $71.37. My total rate after tax and fees should be $112.42.

While $112 is a fairly low rate for a 4-star hotel in Las Vegas, I would not have booked this hotel without the 2,000 bonus points I’ll receive for the successful Starwood Hotels best rate guarantee claim.

I calculated I would receive a little over 2,500 Starpoints for the $112 hotel stay. That is the combination of the best rate guarantee 2,000 bonus points + double points with SPG’s Take Two promotion (284 points as a non-elite member) + 250 bonus points for SLS Las Vegas with Take Two promotion.

Then, after posting about SLS Las Vegas yesterday, reader Joey Redmond alerted me on Twitter about another SLS Las Vegas promotion.

SLS Las Vegas ‘In the Cards’ Promotion January 28 to April 30, 2016

SLS Las Vegas Cards promo

SLS Las Vegas In the Cards promotion is a chance to win one free night, 500 or 1000 bonus Starpoints or two free Uber rides (up to $25 each).

SLS Las Vegas promotion error

Unfortunately, all I get when trying to register for this promotion is an error message directing me to call SPG Customer Service. I tried a phone call, but the SPG customer service agent was unable to assist me with the registration issue.

I’ll keep trying this SPG SLS Las Vegas promotion before my stay.

By the way, still shows a rate discrepancy with lower prices for the same rooms at SLS Las Vegas for most dates I have checked. For example Wednesday, February 24 has a $53 flexible cancellation rate on for the Story Tower King Bed priced at $66 on Starwood Hotels websites.

SLS Las Vegas SPG rate $66 Feb 24

SLS Las Vegas Story Tower King = $66 flexible room rate on

SLS Las Vegas $53 vegasdotcom rate Feb 24

SLS Las Vegas Story Tower King = $53.46 flexible room rate on

Time to book and file your own Starwood best rate guarantee claims and get a reduced rate plus 2,000 bonus points for your hotel stay.

SLS Las Vegas In the Cards promotion.


  • Andy February 8, 2016

    SPG brg now ignores cancellation policy and only compares lowest rate with lowest rate. You may book a flex rate and still use prepaid rates as comparison though

  • Ivan Y February 8, 2016

    thats actually expensive
    SLS had rates of $25 per nite not too long ago for another promotion.

  • Ric Garrido February 8, 2016

    My dates in Las Vegas are set for flights to Amsterdam, so shopping for lower rates on other dates is not an option for me.

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