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Turkish Airlines under $610 fares to 17 cities in Europe from LAX and SFO

Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines has plenty of low fares to Europe from California, in many instances in the $500s for round trip travel from LAX or SFO, and less than half the price of other airlines. But you won’t find these flights listed on Google Flights.

Kayak Explore and Turkish Airlines

Kayak Explore has captivated me this week as a great tool for locating low airfares around the world. Each day I find more deals through Kayak than simply looking at Google Flights. In conjunction, these two tools make finding low fare deals an easy task.

Kayak Explore Europe LAX fares Jan 13-16

Kayak Explore set for Los Angeles LAX round trip flights at $610 or less in any month shows more than 30 airports with low fares.

Kayak Explore shows fares users found in searches from LAX to Europe in the past 48 hours. Click on the fare and the airline and dates of travel appear.

Most of these 30 or so fares from LAX to Europe seen on the Kayak Explore map are Turkish Airlines fares with Norwegian Airlines second, particularly for northern Europe and Scandinavia fares.

Turkish Airlines fares from LAX

  1. $604 Lisbon, Portugal LIS  (April 13-20)
  2. $601 Porto, Portugal OPO  (Feb 14-21)
  3. $590 Bordeaux, France BOD  (April 22-June 12)
  4. $586 Budapest, Hungary BUD  (Feb 11- Feb 14)
  5. $575 Venice, Italy VCE  (March 10 – March 15)
  6. $578 Bari, Italy BRI  (March 31 – April 13)
  7. $575 Luqa, Malta  (Feb 27 – March 3)
  8. $570 Warsaw, Poland WAW  (April 26 – May 26)
  9. $574 Lviv, Ukraine LWO  (Mar 27 – Apr 17)
  10. $549 Luxembourg (LUX)  (April 10-19)
  11. $570 Lyon, France LYS  (April 1 – April 14)

Turkish Airlines fares from SFO

Many of the fares above are also available from SFO. Additional cities with fares under $600 round trip are listed below.

  1. $594 Marseille, France MRS  (April 30 – June 6)
  2. $593 Hamburg, Germany HAM (March 8 – March 28)
  3. $565 Riga, Latvia RIX  (Feb 19 – Mar 5)
  4. $562 Vilnius, Lithuania VNO  (April 5 – May 24)
  5. $540 Moscow, Russia VKO  (Jan 16 – Feb 18)
  6. $564 Adler, Russia AER (March 30 – April 5)

Norwegian Airlines fares from LAX

The next most common carrier for low fares on the Kayak Explore map is Norwegian Airlines.

  1. $467 Berlin, Germany SXF  (Nov 16-22)
  2. $484 London, UK LGW  (Nov 24 – Dec 1)
  3. $484 Barcelona, Spain BCN  (Oct 22 – Nov 10)
  4. $513 Madrid, Spain MAD  (April 18 – April 25)
  5. $543 Amsterdam, Netherlands AMS  (Mar 2- Mar 29)
  6. $545 Prague, Czech Republic PRG  (Oct 12-Oct 19)
  7. $565 Malaga, Spain AGA  (Sep 7 – Sep 21)

Important to Note Kayak Explore limitations

Kayak Explore works by showing fares users have found in searches during the previous 48 hours. There is no certainty that the low fare shown is still available. Kayak Explore is basically a good tool to get a big picture view of low airfares.

The advantage of Kayak Explore is it shows fares from Turkish Airlines. Google Flights is useless when it comes to finding low fares from Turkish Airlines. Google Flights and will help fine tune your searches for deals seen on Kayak Explore.

LAX-BOD Turkish $610 Apr22-May1 Skyscanner

Using the departure date of April 22 for the $590 fare seen in the Kayak Explore map for LAX-BOD Bordeaux, France, I found a fare for $610 round trip on a 9-day trip for April 22-May 1, 2016.

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  • monarchy January 13, 2016

    The one thing that stops me from flying into IST is the possibility of getting the dreaded SSSS. That would cost me way too much time since I fly every week to make the risk even remotely worth it.

  • Ric Garrido January 14, 2016

    How widespread is the problem besides The Points Guy and his crew?

    Since I do not fly every week, I would like to fly Turkish Airlines with an overnight layover in Istanbul and see if it impacts my Global Entry status.

    Turkish Airlines has made a major investment in USA routes. I wonder if Turkish Airlines will suffer the same fate as Al Jazeera America? The USA market generally may be too biased or intimidated to fly through Istanbul, despite the incredibly low fares to Europe.

  • James January 15, 2016

    That’s what I love about your blog – you’ve just made Adlersky City District a possible spring break destination!

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