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Marriott Rewards 100 Protea Hotels in Africa are mostly category 1 and 2 hotels

Marriott Rewards has 114 hotels listed in ten countries in Africa. Around 100 of these hotels are in the Protea chain acquired by Marriott two years ago. In February 2015 around 26 Protea hotels in South Africa were included in Marriott Rewards for earning and redeeming points and elite member benefits. As of late November 2015 the other 75 or so Protea hotels in eight African countries began full participation in Marriott Rewards.

Marriott Press Release: Marriott Rewards Now Available Across Africa at all 100 Protea Hotels (Nov 25, 2015).

Loyalty Traveler: 26 South Africa Protea Hotels join Marriott Rewards Feb 23, 2015 (Dec 18, 2014).

Marriott International: Africa Hotels list

Most Africa hotels are Marriott Rewards Category 1 and 2

Besides Marriott having the most hotels in Africa of any chain, the great news for loyalty travelers is 85 of the 114 African hotels are listed as Marriott Rewards Category 1 and 2 hotels.

Marriott Africa hotels reward categories

  • 57 hotels at category 1 = 7,500 points per night.
  • 28 hotels at category 2 = 10,000 points per night.
  • 11 hotels at category 3 = 15,000 points per night.
  • 4 hotels at category 4 = 20,000 points per night.
  • 1 Ritz-Carlton Tier 1 = 30,000 points (The Nile Ritz Carlton, Cairo)

All four Marriott Rewards category 4 hotels are located in South Africa with three in Cape Town and one in Johannesburg.

74 Marriott brand hotels in South Africa

Most of the Protea brand hotels are in the country of South Africa with 74  hotels in more than 40 cities.

African Pride Audacia Manor Boutique Hotel, Morningside, South Africa

$186 USD or 15,000 points per night.

Marriott African Pride Audacia

African Pride is the upper upscale market segment of the Protea chain. Three of the four category 4 hotels in Africa are Africa Pride hotels. Four of 14 hotels in category 3 are African Pride hotels.

59 of the 74 hotels in South Africa are category 1 and category 2 hotels.

Other African countries with Protea Hotels include Ghana (1), Malawi (1), Namibia (9), Nigeria (3), Tanzania (5), Uganda (2), Zambia (7).

These two hotels in Uganda are listed as $235 USD per night or 7,500 points for dates in January 2016.

Marriott Uganda

Rates for January 20, 2016 at two Protea Hotels in Uganda.

Marriott Rewards points provide great value for many of these Protea brand hotels in Africa.


  • districtdowner January 5, 2016

    We stayed in 15 on Orange in Cape Town, which is an African Pride hotel, and it was a great property, definitely a steal as a Category 4.

  • Bill January 5, 2016

    Having been to Africa, and South Africa specifically, so often in the past decade, I know that most Proteas are more comparable to Courtyards. The nicest ones are few and far between and mostly in Cape Town, Jo’burg, or Pretoria, or a few other bigger cites. Yet Marriott loyalty demand for these will be slow for some time, so their demand puts them lower in the MR totem pole. As more people from MR strongholds in the USA and Europe (after the Starwood merger) travel more to those Protea properties, you will see category changes with the increasing demand.

  • Ric Garrido January 5, 2016

    No doubt many of these hotels will rise in category as word spreads, demand grows and rates climb.

    Good reason to plan an Africa trip around Marriott Rewards points sooner rather than later.

  • Rapid Travel Chai January 9, 2016

    Marriott award prices in Middle East have long been low category, nice to see this extended to South Africa and if based on Middle East maybe they won’t change too fast.

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