Norwegian $543 LAX to London LGW round trip or $627 with checked bag

Norwegian Airlines flies Los Angeles LAX to London LGW nonstop. There are several dates between January and March when the total round trip fare is $543. You can take one carry-on bag free of charge, up to 10kg/22lb onboard, along with a smaller personal item that fits under the seat. Norwegian charges $42 USD for one checked bag, up to 20kg/44lb in each direction. Total ticket price is $627 round trip with one checked bag.

Even $623 is lower than any other airline ticket price for LAX to London round trip most of the time.

Norwegian Airlines  Los Angeles LAX – London LGW

$552.70  Sunday February 7 – Sunday February 14, 2016

$626.70 with one checked bag each way.

LAX-LGW Norwegian $543

Low Fare+ Ticket for $81 more each way.

Norwegian tries to upsell you to a Low Fare+ ticket for $81 more each way, which also includes a seat assignment and meal with your one checked-bag.

You only need to pay $42 if you are willing to bring your own food and take a chance on a random seat assignment that might put you in the middle seat at check in.

LAX-LGW $543 Norwegian fare types

You can choose to buy only a checked bag fee for $42 each way or pay an extra $39 each way to buy Low Fare+ ticket for $81 more each way. Low Fare+ ticket also buys a seat assignment and meals for the flight for the additional $39 each way. There are no other benefits on this Low Fare+ ticket type ($704.70 round trip) compared to the lowest priced fare with one bag ($626.70).

Pack light, bring some food and let Norwegian assign your seat and the total round trip ticket price for Los Angeles – London Gatwick LGW round trip is $542.70.

One Way Ticket strategy

Norwegian allows one-way fare purchases at the same price as two one-ways combined for a round trip. That makes Norwegian a useful airline for positioning flights when there is a low fare deal originating in Europe.

Norwegian and WOW Airlines offer one way fares. Aer Lingus and Aeroflot airlines offer one-way fares at a discount of around 60% of the round trip fare. Most airlines charge as much or even more to fly one-way from USA to Europe than round trip fare.

Los Angeles to London LGW on Norwegian

LAX to London LGW on Norwegian is usually the lowest priced ticket you can find to London. Norwegian is a low cost carrier, however, not all flights are low cost. Norwegian Airlines to London Gatwick is the best deal for someone with flexible travel plans. There are many dates when Norwegian charges as much as a legacy carrier to London. Norwegian is the deal for the flexible traveler who can choose low fare dates for a combined low fare round trip ticket.

Google Flights LAX-LON

Norwegian Airlines at $543 round trip is $300 less than Air New Zealand and $350 less than British Airways/American Airlines for a one week trip March 6-13, 2016.

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