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Factor Hoppa in transportation cost at Holiday Inn London Heathrow T5

Holiday Inn London Heathrow T5 is a recently rebranded airport hotel with relatively easy access to LHR Terminal 5 in 15 to 30 minutes by either the National Express Hotel Hoppa Heathrow bus or a few minutes more by London metro public buses to Slough.

Since you are only at an airport hotel for easy transportation access, I have focused a large portion of this post on two bus service options to travel from LHR to Holiday Inn London Heathrow T5. In general, London LHR hotels do not have complimentary airport shuttle service.

Details were listed on the hotel website hotel directions.

London Heathrow Hotel Hoppa

If you travelling on the Hotel Hoppa bus via Terminal 5 make your way to Bus Stop 22 or 23 and take the H57 (not the H57X), which first stops at The Holiday Inn London – Heathrow T5 before travelling onto two other hotels.

The buses run every 30 minutes from 04:15 till 23:45, departing every quarter past the hour and 45minutes past the hour, the journey is approximately 15 minutes. Please note over the Christmas period (24th, 25th, and 26th December) a reduced service will operate.

The Hoppa journey cost’s £5 per passenger per journey. You can purchase a ticket on the bus itself, or you can pre book your tickets in the terminal for £4.50. You may also purchase a return ticket for the amount of £9.00.

Up to 2 children under 15 can travel free when accompanied by a fare paying adult.

Should you arrive at terminals 1, 2 or 3 please use the free Heathrow Express Train service to connect to Terminal 5.

Public Bus

If you prefer to travel on the public bus from Terminal 5 you can take the 423 bus from bus stop 6, one stop to ‘Heathrow Close’ station. From there take the 81 bus towards Slough and exit the bus on the ‘Poyle Road’ bus stop, you will see the hotel on the right hand side.

Kindly note that you will need to use an Oyster card on this journey or a contactless UK credit/debit card.

Feel free to contact the Hotel on +44 (0)1753 681 555 for any further information or if you decide to travel via Taxi to please call our Taxi Service on +44 (0)208 759 0202 who have set rates for the journey rather than using a BLACK CAB who will charge a significantly higher rate.

For comparison, I made Kelley ride both modes of bus transportation for our LHR night before an early morning flight to Stockholm.

The directions for the public bus need some additional editing to clarify there is a not-so-simple bus stop.

I had us take the public bus to Slough using our Oyster cards on a Friday night in a rain storm. That was the cheaper option and in ideal conditions is not more than ten minutes longer to LHR Terminal 5 than the Hotel Hoppa for 30% of the price.

Our problem is the skies were pissing down rain. I did not know it was raining hard when we boarded the bus at the LHR bus stops under hundreds of meters of concrete ceiling. We drove 10 minutes or so away from LHR Terminal 5. Then we had to change bus. I knew that part. I did not know we would have to walk about 100 meters back down the road along the dark wet streets pulling our luggage to reach the bus stop on the other side of the road to catch the second bus going to the Holiday Inn London Heathrow T5 hotel.  The over all time was not too bad. About 30 minutes.

In the middle of a good weather day the Slough bus is a cheaper option and not too inconvenient with carry on luggage. Hotel Hoppa is more convenient for a few pounds more for bad weather days, early morning or late night travel.

National Express Hoppa

National Express Hoppa for London Heathrow airport hotels transportation: £5.00 one-way or £9.00 round trip.

National Express Hoppa is a dedicated bus service with large on-bus luggage storage areas. These busses provide transportation for 27 London Heathrow Airport hotels. There are 900 services on airport hotel routes daily from LHR Terminals 2, 3, 4, 5 running from 4am to midnight. The bus for the Holiday Inn LHR T-5 hotel stops at 3 hotels with the Holiday Inn T-5 the first hotel stop coming from or going to LHR Terminal 5, the main British Airways terminal. Bus service was every 30 minutes during our travel times after 8pm and before 8am.

Hotel Hoppa tables with bus routes for different LHR hotels.

We caught the 5:11am Hoppa Bus from Holiday Inn London Heathrow T-5  one-way to the airport for a 7am flight and paid £5.00 each. The hotel stopped at the Holiday Inn T5, then went to the Hilton Terminal 5 and a last stop at Travelodge Terminal 5 before heading back to the airport. Perhaps 20 to 25 minutes or so since these hotels are not that close to the airport.

We had to wait at the Hilton for an extra minute when a British woman realized she had left her passport in the car in the parking lot. She hustled to her car and came back out to the bus out of breath, passport in hand.

Hotel Review: Holiday Inn London Heathrow T5

We were pubbed out after the night before in London Bloomsbury. I took the Platinum amenity 500 bonus points instead of a free beer when we checked in.

HI LHR T5 reception

A computer station with two terminals and printer and an interactive TV with weather and information services are located in lobby.

HI T5-1

This was our fifth and final night in London and our only paid hotel stay. The previous four nights were IHG Rewards Club stays.


Kelley’s London hotel room expectations have been tempered after three weeks in London hotels during the past year. She found this room to be spacious compared to many rooms we have had. The slanted wall window and outside view of a few lights was a different design element. There is a pub across the street from the hotel and not much else surrounding the place. At least anything I could see in the dark. I never had a daylight view.


We only had about six hours sleep before waking up around 4:15am to catch the Hoppa bus at 5:11. We almost made the 4:41 am bus, but hit the lobby two minutes late.


A card on the bed stated feather pillows available on request.

For your comfort we offer:

  • Soft synthetic pillows
  • Firm synthetic pillows
  • Soft natural down and feather pillows
  • Firm natural down and feather pillows
  • Anti-allergenic pillows

Please call reception and your personal pillow will be delivered to you.

HI LHR T5-pillows

I called the desk and with a few minutes there were two feather pillows in my hands. Those pillows made a world of difference for my sleep.

HI LHR T5-6     HI LHR T5-7

HI LHR T5 bath

The lobby area was a pretty comfortable space to hang out when we there alone before 5am. There was a bit of activity in the lobby on a Friday night when we arrived wet and tired the night before.

HI LHR T5-lobby-1

HI lHR T5-lobby-2

There were interesting music and media kitsch pieces around the room.

HI LHR T5-lobby-3     HI LHR T5-lobby-4

Holiday Inn London Heathrow T5 Hotel opened as Arora Park in 2001.

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  • Ivan Y December 7, 2015

    that is not entirely true.
    Public busses are free within the airport general area. I have been to LHR hotels at least a dozen times, most recently in September this year. Never paid a dime. Swappa is for tourist suckers

  • Ric Garrido December 8, 2015

    Can you travel to Slough for free from LHR?

    The first bus was free. We used our Oyster card on the second bus. Since it was our Oyster card, I don’t know the cost for that second bus.

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