Hilton HHonors Status Match for 2016

Hilton HHonors status match for 2016 is being offered through an announcement on FlyerTalk by HHonorsRepresentative, the corporate representative for the hotel loyalty program.

Submit a request for an elite status match from another hotel loyalty program by January 11, 2016 and you can be granted instant elite with Hilton HHonors valid through March 2017.

We’re winding down for the Thanksgiving holiday and, as a heads up, I will be out of the office until Monday, but I wanted to let you know about our status match program…

We’ve been receiving a number of requests and yes, we do match status from other programs and we’d love to be your travel home.

  1. We are matching status for 2016. To make sure you’re all set for the year, please submit your request by January 11, 2016. You’ll enjoy that status through March 2017.
  2. All you need is something that shows your elite tier in another program and an HHonors number.
  3. Email us at and we’ll help get you started.

Please note it may take a couple of days to process given the Thanksgiving holiday. We promise to process requests as quickly as possible and any request submitted prior to January 11, 2016, will be processed in time to enjoy your new status for the entire year.

Safe travels,


Hilton HHonors FlyerTalk Ambassador

FlyerTalk November 25, 2015

There are no details yet as to whether top elite loyalty members in another chain will be matched to Hilton HHonors Diamond, but I think it is reasonable to assume that will be the case if you have top elite with Marriott Rewards or SPG Platinum, possibly even Hyatt Diamond after their recent status, and other hotel chain loyalty programs like Best Western Diamond, Club Carlson Concierge and such.

Many bloggers state there is not much difference between HHonors Gold and HHonors Diamond. There was a vast difference between Gold and Diamond elite status levels during several years I was HHonors Diamond a decade ago, but those were pre-Blackstone ownership days.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. – I will be attending a Hilton HHonors loyalty meeting with company representatives next week in Washington D.C.

Please leave a comment if you have ideas for the future of HHonors or feedback on the HHonors program you would like voiced to the company. I won’t promise to share your views, but I would like to get ideas for what other members think about HHonors and how the loyalty program can be improved for frequent guests.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for this information. I just submitted a request to HHonors to match my SPG Platinum status. Given the uncertainty and general concern that Marriott may trash the SPG program once the merger is consumated, it seemed a good year to have options, although I de-prioritized HHonors when they greatly devauled the points under the private equity ownership you referenced. I guess Hilton and Hyatt sense that there is points anxiety around this Starwood acquisition by Marriott International and so are offering these matches. I did not go for the Hyatt one because I don’t tweet. I will let you know what HHonors does regarding my request, hopefully in time for your HHonors conference if they are efficient in responding to my request.

  2. Took a while owing to confusion over my name being presented slightly differently on my SPG vs. HHonors accounts, but they matched me to Diamond 2 days ago. I am going to swing a couple trips there way as a result.

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