AAdvantage 2016 Business and First Class American Airlines Award Chart changes

American Airlines is adjusting its Business and First Class award charts with new ticket prices for miles beginning March 22, 2016. Most of the changes announced are increases for Business and First Class awards.  All increases to Business Class awards are less than 30% more miles. First Class awards see the biggest change with award increases to all regions requiring 25% to 69% more miles. There are smaller level changes in economy class awards.

AAdvantage Business Class Awards for American Airlines

AAdvantage Business Class award table 11-18-2015

AAdvantage Business Award Table 3-22-2016

Business Class One-Way Award Increases as of March 22, 2016

Canada & Alaska: +5,000 miles MileSAAver (up 20%)

Hawaii: +2,500 miles MileSAAver (up 7%)

South America Region 2: +7,500 MileSAAver (up 15%)

Europe: +7,500 MileSAAver (up 15%)

Asia Region 1: +10,000 miles MileSAAver (up 20%)

Asia Region 2: +15,000 miles MileSAAver (up 27%)

South Pacific: +17,500 miles MileSAAver (up 28%)

All increases are MileSAAver award level changess. There are no changes for AAnytime Level 1 or Level 2 rewards, except for the addition of a new US 48 award for flights 500 miles or less.

AAdvantage First Class Award Tables for American Airlines

There are significant increases from 25% to 69% for the price of First Class awards on American Airlines to all regions.

AAdvantage First Award Table 11-18-15

AAdvantage First Award Table 3-22-16

First Class One-Way MileSAAver Award Increases as of March 22, 2016

US 48: up 17,500 miles from 32,500 to 50,000 miles one way (up 54%).

Canada & Alaska: up 22,500 miles from 32,500 to 55,000 miles one way (up 69%).

Hawaii: up 17,500 miles from 47,500 to 65,000 miles one way (up 37%).

Caribbean, Mexico, Central America: up 10,000 miles from 40,000 to 50,000 miles one way (up 25%).

South America Region 1: up 15,000 miles from 40,000 to 55,000 miles one way (up 38%).

South America Region 2: up 22,500 miles from 62,500 to 85,000 miles one way (up 35%).

Europe: up 22,500 miles from 62,500 to 85,000 miles one way (up 35%).

Asia Region 1: up 17,500 miles from 62,500 to 80,000 miles one way (up 28%).

Asia Region 2: up 42,500 miles from 67,500 to 110,000 miles one way (up 63%).

South Pacific: up 37,500 miles from 72,500 to 110,000 miles one way (up 52%).

There are no changes to AAnytime Level 1 and Level 2 awards on American Airlines with the March 22, 2016 changes.

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