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Qantas 95 Hour Sale from New Zealand $775 USD to LAX, $840 SFO, $1035 JFK

This is a sale for southern hemisphere travelers. Qantas is celebrating 95 years of service with a 95 hour sale on flights departing from New Zealand to global destinations. This sale ends 11:59pm November 20 (New Zealand time?).

Fly Qantas to Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne on the first leg of the ticket, and then Qantas to global destinations and back to Australia for the connecting return flight to New Zealand.

95 Hour Sale Routes and Fares from Auckland, New Zealand

This is a global sale with discount fares to all regions of the world. This post looks only at USA destinations.

Economy Class round trip ticket prices to USA

  • $775 USD ($1,195 NZD) Auckland AKL – LAX Los Angeles
  • $840 USD ($1,295 NZD) Auckland AKL – SFO San Francisco
  • $1,035 USD ($1,595 NZD) Auckland AKL – JFK New York


These fares do not apply for reverse routing originating in USA for round trip to New Zealand. Fares are quite a bit higher for tickets starting in USA. This 95 hour sale is a New Zealand deal.

Qantas AKL-JFK $1,035USD sale

Qantas 95 Hour Sale AKL-JFK $1,595 NZD ($1,035 USD) round trip is widely available in August 2016.

AKL-JFK $1,035USD Qantas

Qantas AKL-JFK $1595NZD fare

xe 1595NZD=$1,035USD currency exchange rate $1,595 NZD = $1,035 USD.

Qantas Auckland AKL – SYD – Los Angeles LAX

$1,195 NZD = $775 USD

Qantas AKL-LAX fare calendar Feb 2016

Qantas 95 Hour Sale Fare Calendar Auckland AKL – Los Angeles LAX for February 2016.

Value of Qantas 95 Hour Sale for the Frequent Flyer in the USA

The reason I see value in these fares is for someone in the USA who might benefit from this sale if planning multiple trips to New Zealand in 2016.

Ticketing my flights originating in Sweden is a strategy I am using for 2016. This month I am traveling one-way on a frequent flyer award ticket to London and returning to California on a round trip ticket originating in Stockholm. The fare is significantly lower so that three round trips Stockholm to San Francisco is a lower price than two round trips SFO to Stockholm on Oneworld Alliance flights. I plan to travel to Scandinavia several times in 2016 and pay less for travel by starting my tickets in Sweden and flying to California, where I stay for several months, then fly back to Sweden to complete the ticket.

This Qantas 95 hour sale offers US travelers the same kind of bargain. Book a one way award ticket using miles to New Zealand and then buy round trip tickets for 2016 travel with these low Qantas 95 Hour Sale fares. These low fares are valid for a return flight from the USA departing several months after the outbound flight.

For example, fly Qantas AKL-JFK in February 2016 and JFK-AKL in August 2016. Rather than redeeming award miles for one round trip to New Zealand, you can use award miles to fly to New Zealand one-way, fly Qantas on a revenue ticket back to the USA, then fly Qantas back to New Zealand months later on the return portion of your $1,035 ticket (or $775 ticket from LAX). Fly back to USA on frequent flyer miles or another Qantas 95 Hour Sale revenue ticket. You can plan two trips to New Zealand, one with miles and one on a deep discount economy class fare with Qantas Airlines. Or plan three trips with two low cost tickets and one miles round trip from USA.

Earning American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

My check of ITA shows the TransPacific Qantas segments to JFK, LAX and SFO are O class, which earns 25% flight miles in American AAdvantage. ITA showed some of the AKL-Australia flights were O class, but other Qantas low fare flight options were economy S or economy N booking codes, which earn 50% flight miles.


Great Circle Mapper – Auckland, NZ AKL – Sydney, AU – Los Angeles LAX.

  • AKL-SYD 1,345 flight miles x 2 flight segments earns 1,345 AAdvantage miles (50% miles) on round trip in Qantas N or S economy class.
  • SYD-LAX 7,488 miles earns 3,744 AAdvantage miles (25% miles) on round trip in O economy class.
  • AKL-LAX round trip Qantas ticket potentially earns 5,089 redeemable miles with American AAdvantage.
  • Link: Earning AAdvantage miles on Qantas flights
Travel dates:
Economy travel dates Los Angeles & New York (JFK) 1 Feb – 15 Mar, 15 Apr – 10 Jun, 15 Jun – 15 Aug 2016. San Francisco 1 Feb – 16 Jun, 5 Jul – 31 Aug 2016. Santiago 17 Apr – 21 Jul & 7 – 31 Aug 2016. 

Johannesburg 1 Feb – 31 Aug 2016. 

Singapore 1 May – 13 Jun & 1 – 31 Aug 2016. 

London 18 Jan – 22 Mar & 27 Sept – 31 Oct 2016.

Hong Kong 23 Feb – 11 Aug 2016. 

Tokyo (Haneda) 26 Apr – 7 Jul & 3 – 31 Aug 2016.

Premium Economy travel dates: 
Los Angeles & New York (JFK) 1 Feb – 15 Mar, 15 Apr – 10 Jun, 15 Jul – 15 Aug 2016. 
San Francisco, Johannesburg  1 Feb – 31 Aug 2016.
Hong Kong 12 Apr – 11 Aug 2016.
Business travel dates: 
Los Angeles & New York (JFK) 1 – 30 Apr & 1 Jul – 15 Sep 2016.
San Francisco, Johannesburg 1 Feb – 31 Aug 2016. 
Santiago 7 Mar – 21 Jul & 7 – 31 Aug 2016.
Singapore 1 – 30 Apr & 1 – 31 Aug 2016.
Hong Kong 23 Mar – 31 Aug 2016.
Tokyo (Haneda) 10 Apr – 31 Aug 2016.