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Food pictures for #mealforameal charity drive through social media

Ever since I came back from France one month ago I have been snapping photos of meals I make at home and posting pictures to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #FrenchRestaurantsIMissed.

This morning I came across a tweet by Richard Branson

Take a food snap & post it with #mealforameal to turn it into a meal for someone in need:

The food pictures I have been posting this past month were my idea to share why I don’t care about going out to eat at restaurants when I travel for a week or two away from home. I rarely go to restaurants when at home in Monterey. I cook probably 95% of our dinner meals from fresh seafood and vegetable ingredients.


“loyaltytravelerTen minutes to make double soul-sole spicy breakfast stew. And no fish bones. #FrenchRestaurantsImissed

Forgot to say $5 meal feeds two.”

We always have many different kinds of fruit around the kitchen. There is a fragrant tropical pineapple smell coming from the cut pineapple sitting on the kitchen counter now. There are fresh raspberries, strawberries and apples in our house.


Today, I am excited to learn the stash of food photos in my iPhone have the opportunity to feed someone just by adding the hashtag #mealforameal.


I can probably feed a few families with the dozens of food photos I have to share. This is a wonderful opportunity to continue to share home-cooked meals in a purposeful way using #mealforameal. 

Restaurant culture is not my culture

We eat seafood all the time. I typically buy about $50 of seafood per week for meals I cook. One breakfast we ate two weeks ago at the Hyatt Highlands Inn Carmel California Market restaurant was a week’s worth of main entrée seafood purchases.

When I travel I generally buy nearly all my food at markets. I often ask the hotel desk receptionist, Where can I find a large supermarket nearby?

There was a sign I saw in Manhattan, NYC a few years ago that read, “You can sleep when you are dead.” I keep that thought in mind when I travel.

The other thought I keep in mind when I am craving food on the road is I can make a fantastic hot meal when I get home.

There were a lot of meals I passed by at French restaurants I missed during my trip to France. That does not matter to me. Restaurant culture is not one of my interests in travel and is not my interest when at home.

Architecture, media, history and museums, parks and outdoors, and meeting everyday people are the joys I find in travel.

Anyway, I’ll change my Instagram and Twitter food photos hashtag from #FrenchRestaurantsIMissed to #mealforameal and turn my home-cooked seafood meals into a charitable campaign to feed others.

Any readers know of different ways to turn food pictures into real food for others?

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  • Becca November 6, 2015

    According to the TOC, they exclude tweets from people outside Australia. You’d make more of a difference donating $50 to your local food bank.

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