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American Airlines $565 SFO to Rio de Janeiro round trip

There are some low American Airlines $565 round trip fares today from San Francisco SFO  to GIG Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is a low fare on a high mileage route with a one-stop via New York JFK each way coming in at 14,745 flight miles.

Departure Dates: Most dates from November 3 through December 4 are $565 round trip. There are a few dates available in January and February.

American Airlines  San Francisco – New York JFK – Rio de Janeiro GIG

$564.33  Wednesday, November 4 – Wednesday, November 11

Flight Miles: 14,745 miles

SFO-GIG $565 AA Nov4-11

American Airlines 

San Francisco – New York JFK – Rio de Janeiro GIG – Miami MIA – SFO

$564.33  Saturday February 20 – Wednesday, February 24

Flight Miles: 14,120 miles

SFO-GIG $565 AA Feb 20-24-2016

Bizarre find of the day is United Airlines selling American Airlines flights to Brazil

United Airlines ticket San Francisco – Dallas DFW – Sao Paulo GRU

$644.84  Tuesday December 1 – Sunday December 6

SFO-GRU UA-AA-TAM $645 Dec1-6

Flights from DFW to Brazil are operated by American Airlines and ticketed by United as TAM codeshares. United even lists the TAM codeshare O booking class as a First Class International flight for GRU-SFO on American Airlines, however, AAdvantage shows TAM ticketed O class flights as deep discount economy. Still, TAM economy O class earns 100% flight miles and 100% EQP with AAdvantage.