Flying Swiss Airlines Geneva to Copenhagen

Flying around Europe can be quite inexpensive. My Swiss Airlines flight from Geneva to Copenhagen GVA-CPH cost 63.25 CHF ($65.57 USD) for a Classic-K booking class economy seat when I purchased the ticket in late July. The fare included one free checked bag.

On four other intra-Europe flights in the past month, I have paid $17 USD for one checked bag on two Norwegian Airlines flights and $20 USD for one checked bag on two Air France flights.

Geneve Airport

The one hiccup in my Swiss flight was I checked in online from the InterContinental Hotel the night before and apparently pressed the button stating I would print my checked luggage tag. At the self-service kiosk check-in, I was redirected to wait in line since I did not have my luggage tag already with me. After about ten minutes I arrived at the counter and the woman says something like, “The computer indicates you checked in online and selected you printed out your luggage tag.”

“I did not have access to a printer.”

[scowl as she presses a button and prints out a new luggage tag for my bag]

Three important things to know about Geneva Airport

1. Passengers arriving at GVA can get a free city transportation card good for 80 minutes of public transportation travel within the entire Geneva metro area. This means free transportation to your hotel. Pick it up in the baggage collection area from the machine.


2. The airport is very close to the city center and the train from the central station will take you to the airport in ten minutes or you can pick up a bus from different areas of the city for 3.00 CHF ($3.08 USD).

3. Geneva Airport has free internet for 90 minutes, but you need to be sure you pick up an access code from one of the locations where you can scan your boarding pass or have access to SMS to receive the code on your mobile phone. https://www.gva.ch/en/desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-155/478_read-3960/

Here is information about free Wi-Fi in the city. http://www.geneva.info/free-wifi/

Swiss Airlines GVA

Swiss Airlines plane at Geneva Airport

I had a window seat on a full flight. I did not pay for a seat assignment. This allowed me to snap a couple shots of the Swiss Alps before we headed over France.

Geneva from air-2

City of Geneva with large fountain in Lake Geneva seen to left of winglet.


Swiss Alps and maybe Alps of France too.

The best part of the Swiss Airlines flight was the meal service on a 2-hour flight included a demi-baguette chicken sandwich. I only had eaten an apple for breakfast and the sandwich was welcome, along with orange juice and followed up with a large piece of chocolate monogrammed with SWISS.

No photo of the chocolate bar. Like I said, I was hungry, and I was too embarrassed to ask the guy in the middle seat if I could photograph his chocolate bar as he snapped a photo of it on his iPhone.

I credited the flight to my Miles & More account.

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  1. When you fly Swiss, don’t hesitate to take more than one chocolate bar, they are really good and the flight attendants never say anything if you take 2 or 3…

  2. I have been trying to stay away from chocolate in my diet the past few months and my week in France and Switzerland blew that plan. I about 250 grams of dark chocolate in the past week. One piece was more than enough for me. Very good Swiss milk chocolate.

  3. A strange observation In Geneva Airport. An Indian woman traveling with two elementary age grade school children was flagged by security for a nearly full plastic water bottle in her bag. When she asked for it back after passing through security, the agent handed the water bottle with water inside back to her. That was a first for me to see.

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