Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 4

In London Heathrow Terminal 4 with 90 minutes to kill before I could check my bag for an Air France flight to Paris, I followed the signs inside the terminal showing Hilton Hotel. Terminal 4 is the main terminal for SkyTeam Alliance flights, Etihad and Qatar Airways.

Hilton T4 Executive Lounge

Hilton London Heathrow T4 Executive Lounge access from £25.

The hotel is accessible from inside the T4 terminal via a covered walkway.

Hilton T4 Walkway-1

The walkway takes about 5 to 7 minutes, longer if you stop to admire the poster ads featuring images of Hilton Worldwide properties around the globe.

Hilton Bodrum Turkey   Hilton T-4 Four minutes

Hilton Seychelles   Hilton LHR T4 exterior

The weather was nice in London at 21C/70F. The covered walkway ends and you have to round the corner outside for the last 50 meters to the hotel to be greeted by a large glass façade.

I plopped down on a couch inside to rest a couple of minutes before walking around the lobby. I had been up and going for 23 hours from California by this time of day.

Inside Hilton LHR-T4

Other people were on a United flight leaving LHR heading to the USA.

The Executive Lounge is located on ground level directly to the left of the front entrance. There were several people checking into the hotel at reception. I walked around the lobby and snapped a couple of photos.

Hilton LHR-T4 interior

To the left of the bar is an Asian restaurant. To the right was dining seating and behind the bar was a lunch buffet for £24.50 with a great looking selection of entrees, meats and cheeses for sandwiches and salads. The Hilton lunch buffet was priced way over my dining budget though. I ate a healthy and light lunch two hours later for £5 purchased at Pret a Manger inside the secure area of Terminal 4.

Rugby World Cup schedule

Rugby World Cup 2015 match schedule at Hilton bar

As I learned when staying overnight in London in the middle of September before my trip to Arctic Norway, 2015 Rugby World Cup is in full swing with the initial group matches. UK papers describe the event as the third largest sporting event globally. This was a Monday when I was at the Hilton LHR and there are no Rugby matches on Mondays. Of course, in the USA there are only a few matches being broadcast for USA team games on Universal Sports Network, a station I don’t get on cable. If you are American, bet you didn’t even know USA has a rugby team in World Cup 2015, and probably never heard of Rugby World Cup as a major global sporting event.

NBC will broadcast one semi-final match Saturday October 24 and the final   World Cup 2015 match Saturday October 31.

Don’t Ask

Coming upon my 10th year anniversary of Loyalty Traveler, one thing I learned long ago is walk into a hotel, snap photos and don’t ask permission. Since I wanted to see the Executive Lounge and find out what £25 gets you at Hilton London Heathrow, I went to reception, handed over my business card and explained I write about hotels, was waiting to fly to Paris and could I check out the Executive Lounge and see the fitness room and pool. The receptionist was very accommodating and offered to have someone show me around or I could simply tour on my own. I chose the self-guided tour option. I did not want to tour the hotel dragging both of my roller bags around, so I asked the concierge staff to hold my luggage.

Once I made it clear that I was not a hotel guest and simply touring the hotel for photos to develop an article, the concierge spoke with the reception staff and I became a security alert. I could tour the hotel, but I had to keep my luggage with me and no photos allowed.

I won’t use the B-word here, but there is irony in not allowing me to check my luggage for 20 minutes at the front desk while I was permitted to walk around the hotel dragging my luggage through the hallways, on elevators, to the fitness room and pool area and through the restaurant.

The hotel has a 24 hour fitness room and the small indoor pool and hot tub is open 6am – 21:30 every day.

I never got inside the Executive Lounge to see what it was like.

Hilton LHR T4

Back to Terminal 4 with 30 minutes remaining before I could check my bag for the Air France flight, three hours before flight departure. I sat outside the front entrance to LHR Terminal 4 for some sunshine and fresh air.

The white building of Hilton London Heathrow T4 is visible in the distance.

Hilton London Heathrow T4 is HHonors category 7 and currently priced at 60,000 points per night for October and November. December and January are 50,000 points per night. February 2016 is back to 60,000 points.

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