Feeling Paris under full moonlight

Walking around Montmartre, Paris under the light of a full moon ranks as one of the great travel moments of my life. Paris healed my travel spirit, even if my body is still weak from hypermobility this month.

I’ve become another lost angel in love with the city of light.


Feeling Paris under full moonlight from Sacré-Cœur, Montmartre.

Sacre Coeur-2

Basilica du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre is irreverently party central with empty cases of beer lining the steps from mostly young drinkers socializing and taking in the city view from the church on the hill of Montmartre on a full moon Monday night. One thing I have noticed is Paris has thousands of trash receptacles and the overflow of alcohol containers were neatly stacked around trash bins or placed orderly at the side of the steps.

Sacre Coeur-5   Sacre Coeur-6

Sacre Coeur-3   Sacre Coeur-4

Sacre Coeur-7

Sacré-Cœur was started in 1875 and consecrated in 1914. The land was seized by public domain. Architect Paul Abadie won a design competition for the basilica.

Walking a few hours around Paris, the city of light, under the full moonlight was a great way of beating jet lag. The city seemed so laid back around Montmartre.

Streetlamp Chuech of St. Pierre

Streetlamp across the street from Sacré-Cœur reveals Church of St. Pierre, one of the oldest churches in Paris. This site had a Roman temple and a 7th century church. St. Pierre de Montmartre was consecrated in 1147. The church is mentioned in the 9th century Miracles of St. Denis as a stopover for pilgrims to the Saint Denis Basilica, one of the oldest gothic churches in France. St. Denis is the patron saint of Paris. He was martyred at Montmartre in Roman Gaul in 250 A.D. St. Denis Basilica in the northern suburb of Paris is the burial place for French monarchs, comparable to Westminster Abbey in London.

Rue des Martyrs

I have martyred myself for AAdvantage Executive Platinum elite status this month. I have a better appreciation for those consumptive characters in French literature after reviving my cough with yesterday’s flights. From my first flight September 3 to touchdown in London today on September 28, I have flown more than 30,000 EQM. My upgraded fast-track elite status should post in about one more hour after it hits midnight and the date turns to September 29.

Hope I survive France to take advantage of my top tier elite benefits.

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  1. You’re brave…Monmarte was sketchy during the day I wouldn’t do that at night! Saw a broad daylight mugging on a crowded street.

  2. Beautiful area! I keep reading that it is sketchy but we found it VERY charming on our visit this July. I felt very safe there and would have gone up there at night also. Thanks for sharing!

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