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Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance Malmo, Sweden food alone worth 8,000 points

a plate of food on a table

Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance in Malmo, Sweden is my first hotel stay at a Nordic Choice Hotel in Sweden. Last year, I stayed at or visited ten Nordic Choice Hotels in Norway and I have a couple more Norway stays planned for this month with my focus on Clarion Collection brand.

The significance of Clarion Collection hotels in the Nordic Choice Hotels chain is a brand amenity of complimentary afternoon desserts, tea and coffee and light evening dinner. Most hotel chains across Scandinavia include breakfast buffet in the regular room rate.

Clarion Malmo dinner

Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance Malmo Saturday night buffet dinner: baked chicken, potatoes, salad, and fennel. Out of view are the soup bowl, bread and brie and coffee. Nearby Paddy’s Pub offered a similar entrée on their pub menu of baked duck breast with parsnip pure, chips, baked spring onions and potato au gratin for 215 SEK (about $25 USD).

Why Malmo, Sweden?

The primary reason I chose to stay in Malmo, Sweden after flying into Copenhagen CPH Airport was the cost of the hotel. I paid 8,000 Choice Privileges points per night for a two night reward stay. Hotels in Copenhagen were high-priced for the same dates with most hotels around $175 USD or higher per night. I purchased 50,000 Choice Privileges points last month during a 30% bonus points offer for $7.70 per 1,000 points. The cost for this hotel was $61.60 USD per night to buy 8,000 points.

Clarion Malmo exterior

Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance is the first time I have booked a Choice Privileges reward night for 8,000 points. I have a highly favorable impression of the hotel. The location in Malmo is in the historic central district, adjacent to Lilla Torg or ‘Little Square’, a square dating back to 1592 and the main tourist square for the city with several bars and restaurants.

Lilla Torg Malmo

Lilla Torg, Malmo, Sweden

The Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance building dates to 1902 when Hotel Temperance was constructed as a hotel and no alcohol restaurant, hence the name Hotel Temperance.

There is a hotel bar these days in Hotel Temperance.

Clarion Safai Lounge   Clarion bar-2

Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance Room 513, Malmo, Sweden

My room was a double bed on the top floor of the hotel with an exterior street view. The room was small and functional. The space was fine for a solo traveler, perhaps too small for a couple and definitely not family size.

Clarion Double bed   Clarion 513 room-1

Clarion 513 desk   Clarion room 513-2

The windows opened fully in the room; a feature I adore in hotels. The window locks were a charming design feature. There were two locks on each window with one lock up high and one lock low on the window frame.

Clarion window locks   Clarion 513 view

The bathroom was small, yet functional. Shower worked great. There was some wood rot on the door frame in the bathroom.

Clarion 513 bathroom   Clarion 513 shower

The mini bar in the closet held a couple of bottles of Carlsberg and soda and bottled water. It was not an electronic mini-bar. There was sufficient space to add five 0.5 L cans of beer inside too.

Clarion closet

The hotel website states the décor is an African Safari theme. That design effect was limited, yet visible to a degree in the public spaces of the hotel.

Clarion Room 513 door   Clarion privacy

Since this was my first hotel after arriving in Sweden with a 9-hour time difference from California, I noticed there was no ‘Do Not Disturb’ card to hang outside the door. Eventually I noticed the tassel hanging on the closet door was the Swedish style ‘privacy’ sign.

Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance Interior Spaces

The hotel is designed around an open 5-story atrium with some guest rooms facing the interior. I really dislike staying inside interior facing rooms. I am not even sure if there was a working AC unit in my room. I kept the windows open to hear the city. At one point I woke up from a nap to hear the sound of a pigeon I thought might have come in through the open window into the room. I looked outside to see it in the rain gutter cooing.

Clarion 513 gutter   Clarion atrium

I would not have had that experience staying in an atrium facing room.

Typically I took the elevator up to the 5th floor and walked the stairway down to the lobby. The hotel has a lovely stairway with wood and iron banisters and pattern floor tiles.

Clarion stairway   Clarion floor

Meals were a big feature of the hotel. Of the Clarion Collection hotels I visited in Norway last year, there was only one hotel in Oslo, Clarion Collection Hotel Christiania Teater, where I saw a comparable dinner buffet to Hotel Temperance.

Loyalty Traveler – Nordic Choice Club Guide for North Americans (March 5, 2015).

Hotel Temperance Dining

Clarion dining room   Clarion dining table

Clarion Dinner menu   Clarion dinner beers

The dining room was a comfortable space with friendly staff. The complimentary dinner is available seven nights a week from 6-9pm. There were fresh cakes from 3pm to 5pm, however I missed those hours during my two days. Wine and beer are sold during dinner. Coffee and water are available for free. Price of beer is 55 to 79 SEK per bottle or about $6.50 to $9.30 per bottle. Wine was 75 SEK for a 375ml bottle with about ten different selections. The daily dinner menu entrée is posted in the elevator in Swedish. There was fish and chicken with potatoes, salads and different vegetables, soup and a variety of breads, sliced meats and cheeses for the two dinner meals I ate.

My only additional expense for two days in Malmo was $5 USD I paid for a six-pack of 2.8% Pripps beer in the market across the street from the hotel. The market had good quality fresh food, including hot cooked foods and drinks. Masterlivs is open 7am-9pm daily.

You have to go to a government liquor store to buy regular strength alcohol beverages.

Loyalty Traveler – Sweden 2.8 beer is great at Scandinavian average prices

Malmo market

Masterlivs Market, Malmo

Hotel Temperance Location in Malmo

The hotel is about a ten minute walk from Malmo Central Station. The cost for the train between Copenhagen Airport CPH and Malmo Central Station is 89 DKK from the airport and 105 SEK to the airport. The travel time is about 22 minutes. The Swedish purchased ticket was about $1 USD less at $12.35 USD compared to the Danish ticket.

Within one block of Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance are Best Western Noble House and Renaissance Malmo, a Marriott Hotel, so this is a good tourist-centric neighborhood to be located in Malmo.

Scandinavia is an expensive region for U.S. tourists. I am a huge fan of Clarion Collection hotels as one of the primary ways to make travel in Norway and Sweden affordable.


  • GUWonder September 6, 2015

    I like this hotel’s location and it’s a great value — great value always, on points; often great value on cash rates too for weekend and summer stays.

  • GUWonder September 6, 2015

    The train ticket from CPH airport to Malmö Central Station is also good for the buses in Malmö. So once you get out of the station at Malmö, if you don’t want to walk as far to the hotel, take a bus from Malmö Central Station to Gustav Adolfs Torg and get off there. And then it’s like a one minute walk to the hotel. I would rather do the walk if luggage is light and the weather ok, but if it’s raining and you’d rather not drag your bags on cobblestone paths for as long, this is an alternative on the way to the hotel. [On the way back from the hotel, there is no easy way for visitors to buy a ticket for the bus and train to CPH unless buying a mobile phone ticket — something that is not all that easy to do for most visitors and even many locals. The local buses don’t take cash or bank cards, so you either have a prepaid pass/ticket or buy a ticket with your mobile phone as an SMS ticket or using the Skanetrafiken app. Even for the train, you have to buy the ticket before boarding.] I usually buy my tickets for the train and bus with the Skanetrafiken/Oresundstag machines using my US bank cards; and four of these machines are found facing the train elevators in the public arrivals hall at CPH; at least one such machine in the baggage claim hall at CPH; and lots of these machines at Malmö Central Station and anywhere along the route served by the Oresundstag trains. They bill in Swedish kronor, IIRC, even in Denmark.

  • rick September 6, 2015

    I stayed there a couple of nights in August and was blown away with the breakfasts and dinners included for only 8000 pts. Had interior room on 5th, and only complaint was no a/c, but it was unusally warm there and by the time I returned from Malmo Festival in the square, it was comfy. Great hotel…

  • GUWonder September 6, 2015

    And given the price of food to eat out in Sweden tends to be relatively high compared to the U.S., it’s truly all the more impressive value. For Scandinavian employees on fixed per diem allowances during travel, Clarion Collection really has a model that works for its guests. For example, a lot of the Malmö Festival/construction contractors involved in building out the set up for the festival events or other things use this hotel when assigned to Malmö to set up and tear down the temporary event facilities.

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