#MRPoints free 25 Marriott Rewards points

Marriott Rewards launched a new social media promotion giving members bonus points for activity on Twitter and Instagram. You earn 25 bonus points for registering your account in #MRPoints.

One reason you can be excited to earn 25 free Marriott Rewards points is Marriott Rewards points will expire and be deleted on February 1, 2016 for members who have not had any account activity since January 31, 2014. This is a chance to post activity to your account and keep your Marriott Rewards account active through August 2017 with 25 bonus points.

I had to strikeout my original paragraph above after astute readers quickly pointed out the rule that social media points from #MRPoints do not count as activity to prevent points expiration.

The following activities do not count toward maintaining an active status in the Marriott Rewards® program:
– Gifting or transferring points
– Receiving points as a gift or transfer
Earning points through social media programs, such as #MRPoints

Marriott Rewards #mrpoints   MRPoints arrival email

My email notification “You’ve Earned #MRPoints” arrived a few minutes after registration for #MRPoints.

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  1. And it lets marriott pretty much take over your twitter account if they want to. Thats BS. They dont need to knwo who i follow, well its public anyway. and why in the heck should they be able to update my profile?

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