Google Flights Skyteam LAX-Madrid $290; Copenhagen $162; London $409 and other fares that don’t book at that price

Google Flights had me very excited this morning when I saw San Francisco – Johannesburg, South Africa had dropped for the third day in a row to an astonishing $562 round trip. Then, I saw Dar Es Salaam Tanzania priced in the $700s.

These low fares are all listed on Google flights as Skyteam fares. And there are lots of dates in the $500s for South Africa. The problem is they don’t price at that when clicking through to the Skyteam airline websites. The fare rises by $350 to $600, if it prices for online ticketing at all.

Los Angeles – Johannesburg $551 Delta-KLM (Air France $1,038)

Google Flights KLM JNB $551

Cairo, Egypt – $437 round trip prices at $925 KLM with a phone call.

Los Angeles LAX – Copenhagen CPH $162 prices at $796 on Delta website.

Los Angeles LAX – Madrid $290 prices at $842 on Delta website.

Los Angeles LAX – London $409 prices at $1,035 on Delta website.

Google Flights mistake fares map

Some other gems on Google Flights you can’t book at these prices today.

LAX – Athens $508 (Air France $949)

LAX – Kiev $353 (Delta $865)

LAX – Milan $573  (Delta $1,076)

Goes to show you can’t always believe your eyes. And mistake fares are sometimes simply mistakes.

These mistakes saved me a lot of money today.

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  1. The post for me was to share errors in Google Flights prices posting today. I still see several of the falsely lower fares seven hours later on Google Flights.

    $343 to Cairo, $162 to Copenhagen, I think Dubai was around $400. I spent an hour trying to find some way to make one of these price out.

    Watch out for false prices on Google Flights today when you see KLM-Skyteam flights involved.

  2. “These mistakes saved me a lot of money today.” apparently confused some readers about whether there was actually a sale.

    I meant that I saved a lot of money considering the likely alternative outcome. If these airfare rates had been available for purchase, then I would have booked South Africa and probably a couple trips to Copenhagen at incredibly low ticket prices.

    If LAX-CPH were $162 and SFO-JNB were $562 to South Africa, I would have tried to book three trips over the next year.

    That would be an opportunity to pay $1,772 for wife and I to buy three international trips to South Africa and Europe.

    Frequently one economy class ticket to South Africa is $1,700.

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