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Copa Dallas to Lima Peru $278; AA Las Vegas to Mexico City and Copa to Lima $398 round trip

Dallas DFW to LIM Lima, Peru for $278 round trip is quite a deal, even if it does mean two stops in Mexico City and Panama City. Fly Aeromexico Dallas to Mexico City and Copa From Mexico City to Lima, Peru.

The real deal here is Copa’s round trip fares from Mexico City to Lima, Peru. The Flight Deal posted a $172 fare yesterday. I found this fare at $151 round trip in my searches for this post. Copa $151 to $172 fares are available on more than 30 departure dates between September 14 and early December, then wide open availability from January through May 2016.

The big potential with this low Copa $151 to $172 fare is in finding a separate low fare from your US airport to Mexico City.

Aeromexico and American Airlines and possibly other airlines have low fares to Mexico City from $240 to $350 from many airports in the USA. You will find an overall low fare around $400 to $550 from many USA airports to Lima. The major travel booking sites combine Aeromexico and Copa flights for an overall low ticket price.

You can do even better searching and booking separate tickets from most USA airports to Mexico City, then fly on Copa to Lima on a separate ticket for $151 to $172.

Dallas DFW is one airport I found where the combined ticket price for Aeromexico and Copa flights was far lower than separate tickets. Aeromexico and Copa

Dallas DFW – Mexico City MEX – Panama City PTY – Lima Peru LIM

$284.23 round trip Tuesday October 6 – Friday October 16

DFW-LIM $284 Copa

This fare is lower than the component tickets for Aeromexico DFW-MEX ($258) and Copa MEX-LIM ($170).

Here is an example of low travel to Mexico City and Lima for $399 round trip.

American Airlines Las Vegas LAS – Mexico City MEX

$246.93 November 4-21

Note: this is a tough itinerary with all day transit layover in LAX outbound and overnight in PHX inbound. I share this only as an example of a low fare I quickly found. I would not recommend this as an itinerary for most travelers.


Combine this ticket to Mexico City with a Copa Airlines $151 ticket to Lima and you have two international destinations for $417 round trip from Las Vegas.

Copa Airlines Mexico City MEX – Panama City PTY – Lima LIM Peru

$150.86  November 5 – November 18, 2015

MEX-LIM $151 Copa

Note: this is only an example of the low fare available from USA to Lima, Peru via Mexico City. If ticketing this myself, I would build a day or two buffer in Mexico City to guarantee making the Copa flight to Lima since these are two separate tickets on different airlines.

Bottom Line: Las Vegas to Lima, Peru via Mexico City can be ticketed today for as little as $398 round trip. Dallas to Lima is $278. Many other deals can probably be found around the USA for travel to Lima.

As an aside, I saw the TV show An Idiot Abroad for the first time the other night and it was the episode where Karl goes to Cuzco and Machu Piccu. That is one of the funniest travel shows I have seen. The air is thin when you get high into the Andes.

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  • DaninMCI August 13, 2015

    I’m not a big fan of transit through MEX so I agree with the stopover idea.

    I’d avoid Oct 29th through Nov 2nd through MEX as the Formula One Grand Prix race is going on that weekend which will add to the congestion.

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