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Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen views and brews

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen offered great views of the city from upper floors of this 20-story hotel, conveniently located within five minutes walk of Copenhagen train station. This is one of the hotels Club Carlson bumped up to category 7 at 70,000 points per night. I booked the hotel in May 2015 for July 2015 stays at 25,000 points per night using the old Club Carlson Visa free night benefit, I stayed two times on 2-night stays for 100,000 points.

Rad Blu Royal-1

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen is set apart as a skyscraper in downtown Copenhagen with great views of the city. There is a rooftop restaurant and bar on the 20th floor. My two rooms were both on 17th floor. I only made it as high as 18th floor for the ice machine.


One of the most notable features of the Radisson Blu Royal is its location about 200 meters from the central train station. Copenhagen was in an extended European summer heatwave with temperatures in the low 30s (low 90s F.) during the first week of July 2015. Temperatures in Frankfurt, Germany topped 100 F.

The one-way ticket price for the 15 minute train ride from CPH airport to city center station cost 38 DKK or about $5.50 USD.

Cafe Royal

The location of Radisson Blu Royal is across from the main tourism center for the city. This is a great place for maps and tickets and information.

Danish Visitor Service

On the other corner of the street is Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, dating to 1843. There were concerts held in Tivoli Gardens and one night we watched a large crowd rock out as waves of sound carried to the room.

Copenhagen view

The air was so clear when we arrived on a Friday morning. Our 17th floor room view allowed us to see the Øresund Bridge to Malmo, Sweden and the coastline of Sweden to the east, in the distance.

Tivoli Gardens was a source of viewing entertainment, particularly at night as the park lighted up.

Tivoli-1   Tivoli-2

The room décor consisted of simple designs. Both of our room stays were rooms on the 17th floor, on opposite sides of the hotel. The side facing Tivoli Gardens is probably the preferred side of the hotel, however, the sun baked the room all day and AC had a tough time cooling in the 90-degree summer heat.

Room view

Our first night was the full moon. Copenhagen in early July meant nighttime darkness was around 11pm and the day started brightening by 3:30am. In the photo above, the Copenhagen Central Station is building seen in center window. Clock outside the train station reads 3:45am.

Radisson Blu Royal Room Decor

Rad Blu Royal room bed

Kelley tripped out when she learned there are lights behind the glass pieces of the wall.

Rad Blu desk

Free wifi worked great at the hotel. The cabinet below the TV held mini-bar, coffee maker and bottle opener. The minbar was stocked, but not electronic. We moved stuff out of the minibar to fill it with our store bought food and beer.

Rad Blu room view

The room windows provided great views. We opened the window to try and cool the room, which was not a viable solution to the hot room problem. Eventually, we kept the curtains closed due to the intense sunlight beating on the room and heating it up.

Bathroom-1   bathroom-2

The shower tub is one of the common European designs with a glass half door. Invariably, as Americans unaccustomed to this type of shower set-up, we got the bathroom floor soaked and needed to use one of the bath towels to mop up water.

Rad Blu CPH coffee   Rad Blu safe

Rad Blu mini-bar

The only other thing to note during our stays was a wonderful fruit basket and water we received as a welcome amenity for being a Club Carlson Gold elite member.

Rad blu fruit

Store bought food in Copenhagen was $30 to $40 per day and this fruit basket helped feed us. There were two packages of nuts and two Kathrine Andersen chocolates.


Kathrine Andersen Chokolade (since 1893) – Chokolademandler med lakrids is chocolate with licorice. This stuff was amazingly tasty.

In four days at the hotel, I never went into any of the hotel restaurants or saw the fitness center. Breakfast was not included in our rate and we did not go to the lobby dining room. There was a bar in the lobby. We saw people there as we entered and left the hotel. The lobby had a business hotel vibe with about half the people looking like tourists on vacation dressed for hot weather.

Grocery shopping

One of the other features I liked about the Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen location was its proximity to four markets. At the other end of the block is Rema 1000, a discount grocery store, in the same building complex walking left outside the front door of the hotel. Across the street from Rema 1000 is Irma, a grocery market with more upscale food selections, kind of like a Whole Foods. Another Irma market was down the street between City Hall square and Tivoli Gardens. MAD, a cooperative market, is located at the train station. 7 Eleven is across the street from the hotel by the train station for late night and early morning food and drink.

Rema1000 had the lowest beer and food prices by far. Tuborg 33ml bottles were 8 DKK, compared to 15 DKK at 7 Eleven. MAD and Irma had several Danish microbrew beers from 15 to 30 DKK per bottle.

Final thoughts

Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen was a great hotel for our purposes and the price was right at 25,000 points per night. This hotel is a steep reward stay now at 70,000 points per night. The hotel has $165 room rates for the dates I will be back in Copenhagen in October.

There are two other Radisson Blu hotels in Copenhagen with Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel (44,000 points) and Radisson Blu Falconer Hotel & Conference Center (44,000 points). There is also Park Inn Copenhagen Airport (38,000 points).

I only saw one of these other Club Carlson hotels. Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel is a prominent high-rise building in the city center. The location of the Scandinavia Hotel is less central for tourism, but not really an issue if you plan to take public transportation. Even as a walker, the hotel is still in the city center.

Rad Blu Scandinavia

Radisson Blu Scandinavia is seen in distance in center of photo on what appears to be the left side of the street (it is actually on the right side of the road past a bridge). This view is from H.C. Andersens Blvd, about mid-way between Radisson Blu Royal and Radisson Blu Scandinavia. We walked over to the hotel on our first night in town when we aimlessly walked around Copenhagen. Otherwise, the hotel location was an area we did not venture to again for tourism activities.

Rad Blu west view Rad Blu Royal west-2

Views from west side of Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen.

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  • PSL August 2, 2015

    Thanks for this report. I’ll be there for two nights next week. Hopefully, the weather will be cooler!

  • Christian August 2, 2015

    How good were the blackout curtains? I hadn’t really considered this until you brought up the 3:45 sunrise, but that would be rough if your room faces East.

  • Ric Garrido August 3, 2015

    @PSL – Saw weather alert for Amsterdam today with 30 C temperatures. Looks like global warming still heating up Europe.

    @Christian – blackout curtains were good. We used them all day to keep the sun off the room while we walked around the city.

  • Deb Irving August 3, 2015

    Great report, and thanks for the info on the nearby grocers. I’ll be staying in March 2016 on the rarely discussed EMEA 4-for-2 night rate for gold elites (and higher elites). It looks like a great place, so I’m happy to be paying $115 USD a night to stay there. Especially if they are charging 77,000 points per night now. Just something I thought I would point out, because I’m also using the EMEA rate in a couple of weeks in Dublin. In the summer. For less than 90 euros a night. That’s the best part about being a gold elite hands down. Looking forward to staying in Copenhagen even more after you report!

  • Denise August 5, 2015

    Thanks Ric! We’ll be staying there for 4 nights NEXT September and appreciate the report. (Also, appreciate the fact that Club Carlson takes reservations for a long time out–we were able to book about 18 nights worth of rooms in Germany and Scandinavia for September and October 2016.

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