Oneworld American-British Airways Scandinavia to California under $400 round trip fares

Low fares, priced at under $400 round trip from Bergen and Oslo, Norway have been available for the past week flying British Airways and American Airlines to San Francisco. Airfare last week to Los Angeles was more, around $550. I alluded to the low Scandinavian airfares in my posts about planning travel to Europe, but I did not specifically publicize them, until I had my tickets booked.

Flying Norway to San Francisco on two round trip tickets was the crucial piece in my five weeks of travel itinerary to fast-track to American Airlines AAdvantage Executive Platinum elite with 30,000 EQM flown by October 9, 2015. I purchased one round trip ticket from Los Angeles to Copenhagen and two round trip tickets from Bergen, Norway back to San Francisco to change clothes, change the cat boxes and kiss the wife, if she still lets me after my three solo trips to Europe.

Loyalty Traveler – AAdvantage Executive Platinum Challenge 39,294 EQM booked for $1,583 (July 28, 2015)

Loyalty Traveler – American Airlines Executive Platinum Challenge routing ticketed and six intra-Europe flight choices (July 30, 2015)

The oneworld airline ticket deals have changed since I purchased my tickets two days ago at $376 and $398. BGO-SFO is now $441 for September dates.

Oneworld Alliance airlines under $400 round trip ARN, BGO, CPH, OSL to LAX or SFO California

The good news is there are more deals from other airports like Stockholm and Copenhagen to both Los Angeles and San Francisco available today. British Airways and American Airlines are the primary carriers, yet there are routes with Air Berlin via Dusseldorf and FinnAir via Helsinki via New York or Chicago as routing options on some dates.

American Airlines/British Airways Bergen BGO – San Francisco

2,997 NOK = $364.33 USD on xe.com at time of post.

October 6-20, 2015

BGO-SFO BA 3000 NOK Oct15

American Airlines Norway booking site 2,997 NOK.

Google Flights search engine takes you directly to the American Airlines Norway booking site. I found similar fares going through the USA site.

American Airlines (US website) BGO – SFO

$364 round trip Oct 6 – Oct 20, 2015.

BGO-SFO AA $364 Oct6-20

Finding low cost flights using Google Flights

Sample low fares found today from Scandinavia to Los Angeles and San Francisco

$435 Oslo, Norway OSL-SFO San Francisco Sep 29 – Oct 6 in a four segment all British Airways flights with 747 aircraft between LHR and SFO.

Stockholm and two nights in London, please.

I may be in the minority of travelers who like transiting in an international city with a hotel night on a stay under 24 hours. London Heathrow to a down town hotel in 90 minutes, or even less time, if you pay for the Paddington Express. Overnights are like a bonus trip to me on a flight ticket. This next itinerary includes two overnights in London on the Stockholm outbound and return from Los Angeles.

ARN-LAX AA $515 LHR stopovers

Morning breakfast in London on the outbound and dinner in London on the inbound to Stockholm is international living.

There are lots of low cost flight opportunities to California flying oneworld alliance airlines from several Scandinavian airports. Many dates are still under $400 per ticket for travel from Copenhagen CPH, Stockholm ARN, Oslo OSL and Bergen BGO.

You can always fly Norwegian Airlines on a cheap under $300 one-way fare to Scandinavia from Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Oakland to access these low round trip fares.

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  1. Heathrow Holiday Inn is currently on PointBreak list, perfect for mileage run through London.

  2. Holiday Inn London Heathrow T5 went off IHG PointBreaks the day before this post. When I booked my flights through London on Tueday, there were no available dates I could find for the London Heathrow hotel that worked with my travel dates. Holiday Inn LHR booked out of PointBreaks and dropped off list within 48 hours of new list posting Monday.

  3. Sagar V – The price is currently $1,100+ to fly SFO-BGO compared to $400 to fly BGO-SFO. That is why I bought a ticket to Copenhagen, the cheapest place I could buy a round trip to Europe starting in Orange County Airport, SNA California and then fly two tickets from Bergen to San Francisco on cheap $400 tickets to complete my American Airlines Executive Platinum challenge with 30,000 EQM.

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