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Nested tickets for more AAdvantage EQM California to Scandinavia

I’ll preface this post with stating upfront the focus of the article is a nested ticket itinerary I am looking at purchasing for earning 30,000 EQM with AAdvantage by October 9 in a personally targeted promotion offer American Airlines sent to me June 18 for Executive Platinum elite fast-track.

No AA links to share for readers to sign up for this fast-track to elite offer. No insight to share on why I was targeted. Email did not state why I received a fast-track offer for AAdvantage Executive Platinum. It might be due to having Platinum elite status in 2013? It might be that someone at American wants this blogger to go for an elite challenge?

AAdvantage Elite Fast-Track Terms and Conditions

Eligible airlines include American Airlines, American Eagle® service, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Qantas, US Airways, US Airways Express® service and US Airways Shuttle® service as well as eligible codeshare flights.

This is an exclusive offer only for members who received a letter directly from American Airlines. You must register by 11:59 pm CDT on July 7, 2015, and prior to travel in order for your AAdvantage elite-qualifying miles or points to count toward this promotion.

Loyalty Traveler – My fantastic American AAdvantage elite fast-track offer (June 22, 2015)

California to Scandinavia and nested tickets for AAdvantage EQM on the cheap.

Since I have to fly 30,000 miles by October 9, 2015 to earn AAdvantage Executive Platinum elite, I am looking at flights primarily for September travel.

30,000 EQM can be almost reached with two long-haul flights to Europe. One of the best deals available from California is $654 for Los Angeles – Copenhagen, Denmark. The problem is the lowest fare flies Air Berlin and Air Berlin flights are not included as an eligible airline for my Executive Platinum  fast-tack offer.

Norwegian is having an effect on prices between Los Angeles LAX and San Francisco SFO to Copenhagen CPH and Stockholm ARN.

Los Angeles – Copenhagen is $692 round trip flying American Airlines and British Airways. Los Angeles to London segments on British Airways A380 have great inflight entertainment.

There is also an option to fly FinnAir via Helsinki and the possibility of an overnight in Helsinki for slightly lower fare.

American Airlines ticket flying British Airways operated aircraft

Los Angeles – London LHR – Copenhagen CPH Denmark

$691.20  Monday, September 7 – Tuesday, September 29

12,132 AAdvantage EQM.

Reason for three weeks between outbound and inbound flights is to allow time for a nested ticket trip back to the USA between September 8 and September 28. Prices are very low from Stockholm to California round trip.

Outbound: LAX-LHR-CPH = 6,066 EQM.

LAX-CPH BA Sep7-29 $691

Inbound: CPH-LHR-LAX = 6,066 EQM.

British Airways O and S economy booking class earn 100% elite qualifying base miles in American AAdvantage. This itinerary flies British Airways A380 nonstop between Los Angeles and London.

Copenhagen to Stockholm $50 by train for another ticket back to USA

The deal with flying to Copenhagen is the possibility of taking a train to Stockholm for around $50 one-way. Flying Norwegian Airlines from CPH to Stockholm is about the same price as the train. The deal with Stockholm are really low fare tickets to San Francisco.

American Airlines Stockholm – San Francisco

$452.37 (3,874 SEK Swedish Kroner) and 13,652 EQM

Wednesday September 16 – Friday September 25



American Airlines San Francisco – Stockholm, Sweden

Friday, September 25

ARN-SFO-$453-2 AA Sep 25

3,874 SEK = $452.37 USD.


Summary of cost and miles for two tickets:

LAX-CPH Copenhagen = $691.20 for 12,132 EQM. Sep 7 – 29.

ARN-SFO Stockholm to San Francisco = $452.37 for 13,652 EQM. Sep 16-25.

25,784 EQM for two nested tickets.

Still need to get to LAX from my home in Monterey to start itinerary.

American Airlines Monterey – Los Angeles

$98.10 Sunday September 6

MRY-LAX AA $98 SUN Sep 6

Since this is the first segment and I do not have elite status, I only get 266 EQM for MRY-LAX.

25,784 EQM for two nested tickets LAX-CPH and ARN-SFO.

Plus 266 EQM MRY-LAX flight. $98.10.

$1,241.67 in flight tickets for 26,050 EQM.

How can I get remaining 4,000 EQM?

LAX-ANC Anchorage, Alaska is a potential trip for 5,800 EQM at $268.

American Airlines Los Angeles to Anchorage

$267.51 Wednesday September 30 – Sunday, October 4

5,843 EQM.

LAX-ANC AA $268 Sep30-Oct 4

AAdvantage Platinum Challenge Potential Itinerary for 30,000 EQM

$1,509.18 for four airline tickets:

  1. Monterey – Los Angeles MRY-LAX 266 EQM
  2. LAX-CPH Los Angeles to Copenhagen, Denmark round trip 12,132 EQM
  3. ARN-SFO Stockholm Sweden to San Francisco round trip 13,652 EQM
  4. Travel between Stockholm and Copenhagen about $100 by train and/or plane.
  5. LAX-ANC Anchorage, Alaska round trip  5,843 EQM
  6. Drive home from LAX to Monterey in rental car for $85 including gas.
  7. 31,627 EQM flown. This provides a buffer over 30,000 EQM for any miles discrepancies.
  8. Total cost for transportation is about $1,700 for AAdvantage Executive Platinum challenge.

Nordic Choice Hotels make this an inexpensive trip for Sweden in terms of lodging. Malmo has Choice Privileges reward nights for 8,000 points and Stockholm for 6,000 points and 8,000 points. That equates to $45 to $60 hotel nights buying Choice Privileges points through Points and Cash reward stays.


  • victor July 23, 2015

    I’m using a similar strategy for my AA plat challenge. I’m using miles to go syd to osl then taking a return from osl to syd then miles back from osl to syd. The revenue sectors are ba and cx ba codeshare. Osl to syd is half the price of syd to osl in business.

  • Danny July 24, 2015

    Did you ask AA if they would grant you Gold status during the challenge? They gave it to me for the Plat Challenge that I did. Could lead to a possible upgrade if the numbers work out for you.

  • Nik July 24, 2015

    You might want to look at ARN/CPH/etc-GRU/GIG. It’s usually priced similarly to EU-US and would more than cover your last 4K EQMs if you route through the US.

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