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Marriott Long Wharf Boston

Marriott has some great hotel locations in Boston. This weekend I dropped by Marriott Long Wharf and Marriott’s Custom House in the Boston Waterfront area. This area of Boston offers close proximity to Boston’s historic North End where you will find Paul Revere’s house and the Faneuil Hall tourism area. After five days walking around Boston, this is truly a walking city.

If you are familiar with Boston, then this post is simply photo shots. For me, and other readers less familiar with Boston, my impression is Marriott has a great footprint in this city. I’ll be staying at Marriott Copley Place this trip for another review of a Boston Marriott hotel. This is simply a walk-through of public spaces at the Marriott Long Wharf I went in to see the other night on my way back to my room at the InterContinental Boston.

I thought I had written a review of InterContinental Boston, but see I have not written that review yet. IC Boston review to come after my two stays there.

Marriott Long Wharf

Marriott Long Wharf is triangular building in background. This photo of children playing in a public fountain on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway seemed to be my best photo to convey the summer heat in Boston. I snapped this photo on July 1, before our trip to Europe, on a day when it was in the low 80s. Today, I am sitting in the Wyndham Beacon Hill Hotel writing this post on the first summer weekend, according to local weather news, the city will hit the 90s with high humidity in Boston. Prior to this summer’s trip to Boston, the last time I was in Boston was 1994. Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway (President John F Kennedy’s mother) was the site of the elevated interstate 93 highway along the Boston waterfront when I last visited Boston.

As a tourist, I adore urban renewal.

Marriott Long Wharf (2)

Boston Long Wharf

I took a free walking tour the other day and met a Canadian couple who are Marriott Hotels loyalists. They were staying somewhere in a south Boston suburb at a Marriott brand hotel with rates in the $150 range. Boston, along with Miami and San Francisco, is a place with astronomical hotel rates by US standards. Manhattan in New York of course is the highest priced US hotel market, but Boston is way up there too.

I felt like a DKYWIA telling the other tourists on the walking tour I was staying at the InterContinental Boston on a free night, but that simply shows the value of using loyalty strategies for prime location to beat the high cost of major city urban hotels.

My strategy for a budget Boston trip of five nights consists of free nights at Comfort Inn Boston Logan (Choice Privileges 25,000 points), InterContinental Boston (Into the Nights free night promotion fall 2014), Wyndham Beacon Hill (15,000 points)  and a charity auction purchase for a stay at Marriott Copley Place with breakfast ($80 purchased Dec. 2014)

Marriott Long Wharf is a category 9 hotel at 45,000 points per night.

Marriott Long Wharf building

And here is my last photo of the hotel from July 2.

Marriott Long Wharf

15 days later I walked along the Boston Harbor Waterfront the evening before last, on my way back from the North End to the InterContinental Hotel. It was evening and I walked through the Marriott Long Wharf to check out the public spaces.

This is a major tourist area. There were a mix of people at 11pm on a Friday night with many women wearing fine summer evening dresses that would be attire for entry into the city’s finest venues and other people dressed casually in shorts and t-shirts. I was a member of the t-shirt and shorts crowd.

Marriott Long Wharf setting

Outdoor dining at 11pm at Boston Long Wharf on Boston Waterfront. The clock tower is Boston Marriott’s Custom House, a Marriott Vacation Club International all-suites property.

Loyalty Traveler – Marriott’s Custom House Boston (July 19, 2015)

The historic Boston harbor wharf district is an example of urban renewal. I don’t know where today’s commercial shipping traffic is located. The Custom House opened in 1847 at a time when Long Wharf extended to the edge of Boston Harbor at the Custom House in the distance. Now the historic waterfront wharves in this area are residential housing, hotels and attractions like the New England Aquarium. Of note, for readers who know about my articles last month on sea turtles in Florida and Georgia, the New England Aquarium highlights sea turtle rescue in their exhibits.


Marriott Long Wharf lobby art.

I photographed this from the escalator  at ground level to upper level check-in reception.

Marriott long wharf lobby lights

The large open atrium of Marriott Long Wharf is an aesthetic hotel feature.

Marriott Long wahrf escalator view

Marriott Long Wharf lobby view.

Marriott Long Wharf room levels

The lobby was far more active than most hotel lobbies in the USA at 11pm.

Since I make a concerted effort to protect people’s privacy, my photos are limited to angles where I could avoid photographing faces.

Marriott Long Wharf-lobby-1

Marriott Long Wharf lobby library and seating.

The hotel reception desk was left of this lobby area. To the right was a business center area.

Marriott Long Wharf computers

Marriott Long Wharf business center

I did not stay at the Marriott Long Wharf, but as a tourist with a week spent in Boston in July 2015, the hotel location looked like a great place to be near many of the primary attractions in Boston for a tourist.

Dolphins Boston Waterfront

Dolphins (1977) by Katharine Lane Weems (1899-1989) is by the New England Aquarium adjacent to Marriott Boston Long Wharf Hotel.