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RyanAir flew us LTN-CPH with no bag fees again

Success again. RyanAir flew us from London Luton Airport to Copenhagen with five bags and no bag fees. We still have the same two bags each that we paid over $300 to fly on WOW Air from Boston to Copenhagen round trip. We even had a fifth small bag with food and water to carry on the plane.

At check-in, the RyanAir desk agent asked if we would each like to check one of our carry-on bags for free. This was the same for our CPH-LTN flight the week before.

We checked our two main carry-on size suitcases. This left us with my Jansport backpack roller bag holding my computer and camera, a Longchamps soft bag with my wife’s make-up and coat, and a small food bag with salads, sandwiches and water bottles as our three carry-on bags at the gate.

A fine flight to Copenhagen with gorgeous views of Denmark’s islands. There are 406 islands in Denmark, with about 70 inhabited islands.

Looking at the geography of Denmark’s islands at the gateway to the Baltic Sea, with layers of sand bars surrounding many of these islands, imagining a sea-faring culture develop around boats with a shallow draft is not too difficult. No wonder Vikings developed as the sea raiders of northern Europe with ocean going vessels that could travel up shallow river channels on the mainland of Europe and in the British Isles.

Exploding Salad Inflight

One misadventure on the flight was my crayfish and rice with mango salad purchased at Marks & Spencer in plastic packaging exploded during the flight spraying rice bits and little crayfish inside Kelley’s Kate Spade bag, the one I received from SPG two summers ago.

I spent a portion of the flight cleaning small chunks of rice and crayfish and mango out of Kelley’s bag, then repackaged her unexploded salad into sealed tupperware we travel with for our food leftovers.

Back to the point, RyanAir flew us round trip between Copenhagen and London Luton Airport for $63 all-in per passenger. That is the reason why I am a fan of buying a ticket to most anywhere in Europe where you can find the lowest cost flight, then taking a low-cost carrier to your desired destination. Traveling intra-Europe is generally a bargain as long as you pack right to avoid high airline bag fees.


  • 02nz July 15, 2015

    Did the salad explode “spontaneously” or when you tried to open it? Getting squirted by packages of yogurt or coffee cream (due to lower pressure in the plane vs. inside the sealed package which was packed on the ground) has always been a pet peeve of mine. Surprising airlines haven’t figured this out and get caterers to pack stuff for them at lower pressure – can surely be done.

  • Ron July 15, 2015

    I was under the impression that Ryan Air always charges to check bags. Can you please elaborate on your freebie? Thanks.

  • Ric Garrido July 15, 2015

    02nz – spontaneous explosion. We saw a passenger on our Delta flight two weeks ago who opened a salad dressing container and it sprayed across three aisles hitting about six passengers.

    Ron – Nothing to elaborate. Walked up to check-in counter in Copenhagen with my two carry-on bags. Kelley did the same. Counter agent asked, “Would you like to check one of your carry-on bags for free at the counter?” We accepted and boarded with our other two carry-on bags.

    Arrived at Luton Airport for flight to Copenhagen and RyanAir counter agent said same thing. Would we like to check one of our carry-on bags for free?

    Granted we had two carry-ons, but if asked to place them in the carry-on metal bins at the counter, our two bags would not have fit. We basically had two full-size carry-on bags. I half expected to have to pay checked bag fees for one of the bags.

    Nice benefit to fly without bag fees intra-Europe on RyanAir with our two bags each (and a lunch bag of food and water).

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