Delta Bags on Time 20 minute guarantee claim for 2,500 miles

Delta Airlines is an airline I rarely fly – until 2015. My flight yesterday was probably my first Delta flight since 2007, when I did two round trips to Buenos Aires in two weeks. The 30 hours or so I spent sitting on airport runways at JFK, IAD and EZE ended my mileage run days when I had a revelation, while flying Air France in Business Class over the Andes between Argentina and Chile, that flying on airlines for the sole purpose of earning miles for elite status, so I could earn more miles when flying around the world, was an environmentally irresponsible lifestyle.

I should welcome the changes that shifted consumer behavior of thousands of frequent flyers to earn miles from credit cards rather than flying aimlessly in the pursuit of more frequent flyer miles.

This week I flew Delta Airlines for the first time in years. And I will fly Delta again to Tokyo and Taipei in four months. I am racking up miles on Delta this year, but no way will I reach even low level Silver SkyMiles 2016 Medallion status after flying 25,000 MQM, due to the Medallion Qualification Dollars requirement of $3,000. My MQD to earn 25,000 MQM will be under $600 for 2015.

But, that is not the point of this article.

Delta Bags On Time 20 minute guarantee or 2,500 miles

My Delta Airlines flight from New York JFK to Boston yesterday left 20 minutes late and arrived six minutes early. The scheduled 90 minutes for JFK to Boston allows plenty of leeway for the 187-mile flight.

Delta bag 20min

The flight attendant reminded airline passengers of the Delta Bags on Time 20-minutes guarantee or 2,500 Skymiles upon touchdown in Boston.

We’re committed to providing you with reliable and on-time baggage service every time you fly. That’s why we’re backing your bags with a guarantee: if your checked bag doesn’t arrive at the carousel in 20 minutes or less after any domestic flight, you are eligible to receive 2,500 bonus miles. Just complete the below form no later than three days after your flight’s arrival. Requests should only be submitted after your flight.

Note that you must be a SkyMiles member at the time of travel to be eligible and requests for multiple flights must be submitted separately.

Please allow up to two weeks after submitting your request for your bonus miles to appear in your account.

Delta Bags on Time 20 minute guarantee

We were near the back of the plane and it took about ten minutes to exit the aircraft. Baggage claim was only a couple minutes walk.

Delta 22 min bags

Delta 2845 arrival 10:39am 7/1/2015. Clock on baggage carousel is 11:01am.

The first bags loaded onto the baggage carousel at 11:03am and my bag was the fifth bag to appear. Still, 24 minutes is longer than 20 minutes and I filed a Delta ‘Bags on Time’ claim for 2,500 miles.

I’ll have about 50,000 redeemable miles with Delta Skymiles after my round trip Asia flights in November. That might even get me two economy tickets from SFO-PWM Portland, Maine. When I checked the rate for award flights from Monterey, the round trip award rate priced at 70,000 or 90,000 miles round trip.

Looks like I will need to study potential award flights and rates using Delta SkyMiles to get good value for my 50,000 redeemable miles.

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  1. I filed a claim 2 months back when my bag was about 27 minutes late. I filed a claim and after Delta’s “investigation” they found my bag to have arrived in under 20 minutes. This definitely was not true but unfortunately, there is no way to prove it.

  2. The 20 minute guarantee is worthless. If you file a claim, it just gets denied irrespective of how long it took the bags to arrive. Save yourself the aggravation and skip it.

  3. Maybe they offer this at MCI where even thought he plane is 50 feet from the baggage area it takes like 30 to 40 minutes for the local ground staff to move the bags on nearly every flight I take there. If I could pair up Delta and Alaska offers there I’d been mileage rich.

    Maybe I misread your post but you mention flying 25k miles on Delta with under $600 spend so you won’t reach the $3k spend for Silver yet you mention flying to Toyko and Taipei in 2015. Are those award flights? or just really cheap? Just wondering.

  4. Ric, you must be living in a cave.

    First, DL tried to copy the AS “Baggage Service Guarantee”. So there is no original thought by DL on this one.
    Second, DL stacks the deck against anyone trying to cash in on this.
    Third, I would be surprised if you got the miles. Please post a screenshot of your 2500 mile credit for 7/01/15.

    AS is a total NO HASSLE program. The few occasions that I qualified, a human in the baggage claim area gave me a voucher, I went online and submitted it and bingo, instant 2500 miles.

    Ric, good luck with your claim.

  5. @DaninMCI – $389 round trip to San Jose SJC – Kuala Lumpur

    No hassle to file the claim. Sounds like people have a hard time getting an approved claim by Delta. There were several of us from the flight waiting and talking about the Delta 20 minute guarantee in the few minutes before the carousel alarm sounded at 11:03 indicating bags were coming.

    I’ll update when and if the miles post, or not post.

    Update August 8 – Delta never responded to my late bag claim or my wife’s claim. No miles posted.

  6. Stranded in LA on way to Sydney, AU. After 14 hour Odyssey from Orlando.
    Delta tries hard but is the Dundee Mifflin of airlines.

    Performance sucks.
    start over.

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