How to fix IHG Free Nights IT glitch

My first free night I earned from IHG’s Fall 2014 Into the Nights promotion is one I redeemed for a stay in London next week. When I made my reward reservation in the first week of May 2015, the Into the Nights free nights were posted on my account under ‘My Offer Status” tab and I was able to redeem the Into the Nights free nights online.

For the past month, the Free Nights Status no longer show up online when I check our accounts. While I was able to book IHG free hotel nights online last month, this function is unavailable this month.


Update Monday, June 29, 9:30am PT: Turns out the missing tab for IHG Free Nights Status is an IT glitch. See this thread on FlyerTalk for discussion on how to get the tab to reappear, if missing the Free Nights Status tab from your account. I logged out of IHG Rewards Club, went to www.intercontinental.com and logged into IHG Rewards Club from that website. My Free Nights Status tab appeared again in my account. So, you can still book Free Nights online, if you can get the tab functioning on your hotel loyalty account.


IHG Free Nights Status

A call to IHG Rewards Club customer service revealed the free nights are still in Kelley’s account, however, at this time a phone reservation is required to book IHG Reward nights using free night credits like those earned from IHG promotions and credit card free nights.

IC Park Lane free

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  1. Maybe they’re getting ready for the next big promotion, since the current one is awful…

  2. We booked our two free nights last Wednesday. Maybe it’s just an issue with Kelley’s account?

  3. It seems to stem from their redesign of the website (another IT success for IHG). You might want to look at the thread on FT. Apparently changing the language from English to another and then back to English solve most of those problem.

  4. http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/intercontinental-hotels-ihg-rewards-club-intercontinental-ambassador/1683166-free-nights-missing-account.html

    I found the FlyerTalk link.

    Two suggestions given in the 2-page thread.

    1. change language to Spanish and back to English.
    2. Log out of IHG Rewards Club account. Go to Intercontinental.com and log in to IHG Rewards Club from their site.

    I tried option 2 and it worked. I now see my Free Nights on the left side tabs.

  5. @ Ric — Unrelated question — what is the maximum number of points I can obtain for me and my spouse under the 100% bonus promo that ends tomorrow? Is it:

    a) 240,000 — Each buy 60,000 and each receive 60,000 bonus or
    b) 480,000 — Each buy 60,000 twice and receive 60,000 bonus twice or
    c) 480,000 — Each buy 60,000 and each receive 60,000 bonus and each gift 60,000 and receive 60,000 bonus or
    d) 960,000 — Each buy 60,000 twice and receive 60,000 bonus twice and each gift 60,000 twice and receive 60,000 bonus twice?


  6. @RIc

    there is some sort of technical glitch.

    I had booked something using the free certs a while ago and I want to modify them and the customer service agent couldn’t do anything with it.

  7. Members may purchase a maximum of 120,000 points per calendar year and receive as a gift a maximum of 120,000 points per calendar year.

    Per the rules as written on the offer, looks to me like option C.

    You can try to buy 60,000 twice and see if it works, but I think they mean a single purchase of 60,000 will buy 120,000 points and that is the limit for your own account and gifting.

  8. I can now confirm that the answer is D — 960,000 points is the max for a couple. If you are crazy enough to do this (like me), don’t use the same credit card more than twice since points.com will freeze out your card for too many uses in a short amount of time.

  9. Why would one buy a high level of points like that? I assume that they will only be used at Intercontinental overseas….being redeemed at 60,000 points per night, or 345 bucks- and some of these hotels go for much more…is that the case?

  10. Has this issue been resolved for all of you? I just checked my account today and saw that my free nights are also no longer in my account.

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