Fare Alert Norwegian $337.50 Oakland to Stockholm Oct 2015

Norwegian Airlines will fly you from Oakland, California nonstop to Stockholm, Sweden and back again for $337.50 all-in. Add another $84 for a checked bag and $84 for a seat assignment and $84 if you want hot food during the flight. All passengers enjoy free Wi-Fi during the flight and all the regular comforts of an economy class seat on a 10-hour nonstop flight aboard a Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner aircraft.

California to Europe doesn’t get any cheaper than this without a mistake fare.

OAK-ARN $338 Norwegian Oct15

Norwegian Air fare calendar for OAK-ARN Stockholm, Sweden

OAK-ARN October 12, 14, 21 = $162.000

ARN-OAK October 30 = $175.50

Round trip ticket price = $337.50

You are allowed one 10kg/22lb carry-on and a small personal item free of charge. Bring your own food, and take your chances with a seat assignment and the total fare is $337.50 round trip to Stockholm. Add on fees kill the best deals on Norwegian, if you need them.

  1. One checked bag = $42 each way. $84 round trip.
  2. Pre-ordered Hot meal for flight = $42 each way.
  3. Seat Assignment = $42 each way.

Any of these three add-on services cost an additional $84 to $337.50 ticket price. Take them all and the $337.50 ticket becomes a $589.50 ticket price. Still a good deal, but not a great deal. United and Star Alliance airlines had tickets around $610 for this route from San Francisco to Stockholm in mid-April, even for dates in July 2015.

It might be worth $84 for a window or aisle seat. At worst, you are stuck in the middle seat for a 10-hour flight, if you choose to take your chances.

United Airlines $782 San Francisco to Stockholm, Sweden August 22- October 22 departures.

United Airlines has San Francisco to Stockholm route on sale and a lower price than anywhere else in Europe for tickets purchased today at $782 round trip. This fare is available for flight departures beginning August 22 with nearly every date at $782 through October 22. These are mostly routes with United operated flights, with SAS included in some routings.

If you don’t want to fly Norwegian Airlines nonstop on a lower fare.

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