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Monterey MRY airfare deals beat SFO for several east coast airports, check your regional fares

Yesterday I saw a post from Mommy Points talking about good airfare deals around the USA. This morning I see this is truly an airfare sale across many airlines for USA travel from September into December that has some destinations from my home regional airport of Monterey priced lower than San Francisco tickets.

I check San Francisco and Los Angeles airfare daily. Today, I checked airfare from my regional Monterey MRY airport about 110 miles south of SFO. Airfare is generally $150 to $200 higher from MRY than SFO.

Monterey – Boston at $294 round trip is $100 less than SFO-BOS on United for fall travel.

MRY-BOS UA $294 Oct15

I don’t know where I am going yet, but this is the real deal for USA travel and I think I will have a ticket to some place in the USA for a September-October trip before this day is over.

United Airlines Monterey – Boston one-way

$147 October 6, 2015

MRY-BOS ow $147 Oct6

A red-eye on Virgin America nonstop from SFO to BOS is $197 one-way for the same date as the lowest fare out of San Francisco to Boston.

There are many more lower fare destinations around the USA from San Francisco compared to Monterey. For me, the opportunity to travel to Orlando, Atlanta, Washington DC, Pittsburgh and Boston from Monterey for the same or lower airfare than flying out of San Francisco is another $100 saved in driving and parking expenses.

Check out these airfare deals today. I have been looking at several potential trip destinations across the USA for the past hour and I am excited to plan an October trip. This is truly a good day to consider your fall travel plans and try and lock in a low airfare deal.

I just hope these deals are still around tonight since I embark on my drive out of Florida road trip in about one hour and I have got to pack my gear to drive out of Orlando this morning. I need to focus on the here and now. Ocala National Forest, St. Augustine Beach and Ponte Vedra are beckoning me today and Georgia is on my mind.

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