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United San Francisco to Muscat Oman $742 Nov 2015

United Airlines and Star Alliance carriers have low fares from $742 to $765 from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Muscat, Oman for November 2015 departures. Not as low as the fares used by Brian Cohen of The Gate or Drew and Carrie of Travel is Free when they traveled to Oman earlier this year and blogged about their travels.

I found itineraries with United, Swiss, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Turkish and Flydubai. Skyteam has comparable fares with Delta, KLM and Air France.

United.com $741.50

San Francisco SFO – MCT Muscat, Oman

November 24 – December 2, 2015

SFO-MCT Muscat $742 United Nov15

SFO-IAD-DXB (United Airlines)-MCT (Swiss)-DXB (Flydubai)-IAD-SFO (United)

19,410 flight miles, but $643 base fare means 3,215 base miles for United Mileage Plus members.

You can do an all Swiss Airlines itinerary for about $25 more.

KLM/Delta have similar fares and some routings allow an overnight in Amsterdam.


  • JustSaying May 22, 2015

    Tomorrow will be the last time in my life I ever fly UA….had 2 FC tickets SFO-IAD with seat assignments since November…….today as I tried to check in my aisle seat had been taken away (Sky Marshall)………and my wife who has medical issues that need not be shared will now have the anxiety of having to sit near Sgt Snuffy because of piss poor planning on the Sky Marshall’s and United’s part to not block the seat they wanted in the first place or have the decency to keep a family of 2 (on the same reservation) together………that’s fine as a retired Army Officer I am not amused at the lack of leadership on both their parts and will have no difficulty buying a Gulf carrier seat in the future………..US flag carriers…..it is a del inflicted wound that open skies mean you lose……….

  • Ric Garrido May 22, 2015

    My cousin is a world traveler for his job and in a conversation with him today, he told me he is done with United Airlines due to declining service standards.

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