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Cheaper Tickets USA to Australia via Southeast Asia

Last month there was a short window of a few hours when San Jose, California SJC airport to Kuala Lumpur was $369 on Delta. After buying my ticket, I wrote another post about how this fare is a cheap way to Australia for around $800 to $900.

Fares between Kuala Lumpur and Australia are lower today than one month ago, by $100 and more for some routes.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia KUL – PER Perth, Australia

$282 Malaysian Airlines with wide availability September to November 2015, one of the best times of the year for visiting Perth.

KUL-PER $282 Nov15 Malaysia

The $369 fares from Los Angeles and San Jose and other California airports to Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were like flashsales on the evening of April 15 and morning of April 16.

Loyalty Traveler – Fare Alert $380 round trip LAX-CGK Jakarta, Indonesia Delta Sep-Dec 2015 (April 15)

Loyalty Traveler – Fare Alert Delta $389 San Jose SJC KUL Kuala Lumpur (April 16)

My potential $651 California to Australia tickets

$369 + $282 = $651 round trip San Jose, California to Perth, Australia via Tokyo, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur.

The flight distance of 2,563 miles means 12,500 Avios points each way buys an award ticket. Avios award taxes for this route at $352 are more than the Malaysian Airlines paid round trip ticket price of $283.

Avios KUL-PER 25000   $352

Cheaper Tickets USA to Australia via Southeast Asia

There have been opportunities to travel to many cities in Southeast Asia for around $600 round trip from California during sales on all three alliances over the past two months. There are fares for $699 round trip Los Angeles LAX to Kuala Lumpur today with ANA.

Those $1,300 fares from San Francisco to Sydney or Melbourne can be beat if you have time to travel via SE Asia. You can add more travel to your itinerary on the journey to Australia.

Kuala Lumpur KUL – MEL Melbourne, Australia

$471.87 USD Malaysia Airlines November 3-11, 2015

KUL-MEL $472 Malaysian

ANA-United Airlines Los Angeles LAX – Kuala Lumpur $699

ANA and United Airlines have $699 round trip fares for dozens of dates from September to December 2015 between Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Los Angeles LAX – KUL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ANA $698.53 Oct 8-22, 2015

LAX-KUL $699 ANA Oct15

$982 round trip for Los Angeles to Perth, Australia: $699 LAX-KUL on ANA + $283 KUL-PER on Malaysian.

$1,171 Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia: $699 LAX – KUL on ANA + $472 KUL – MEL on Malaysian.

You can be in Perth, Australia in the fall months of September or October, the spring flowers season in Perth, for under $1,000 round trip or Melbourne for $1,175 with the option to spend time with an excursion through Malaysia.

I can be in Perth for $651 round trip.

Perth is very tempting to me for my November trip. I think Borneo still has the edge in my travel plans.