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Delta-Skyteam fares in $600s SFO-LAX to Cape Town, Nairobi, Entebbe and Lagos

Delta and Skyteam have fares in the $600s round trip to several airports in Africa from San Francisco and Los Angeles and other airports around the USA.

San Francisco – Cape Town, South Africa $693 to $706. This fare was $766 round trip yesterday.

Delta SFO-AMS-CPT $705.90 May 25-June 1

SFO-CPT $706 DL may 15

Delta/KLM San Francisco SFO-EBB Entebbe, Uganda

$690.40 October 22 – 29

This is quite a hopper route to EBB airport Uganda near Lake Victoria.

SFO-EBB $691 Delta Oct15

SFO – SEA – Amsterdam – KGL Kigalin, Rwanda – EBB Entebbe, Uganda

SFO-EBB $690 Oct 15 KLM-2

Return is easier with EBB-AMS-SEA-SFO.

Only about 4% of international air travel is to Africa. This is a fantastic fare from California.

San Francisco to Nairobi, Kenya $668.70 SFO-NBO Oct 21-28

Delta Airlines – KLM

SFO-NBO DL $669 Oct 21-28

This low fare at $669 to Nairobi is useful for discounting the price of airfare to Tanzania, where there have been a number of luxury hotels opening in the past couple years like Park Hyatt Zanzibar. You can fly to Dar es Salaam for about $250 making the price $930 round trip and more than $200 off SFO-DAR route.


  • jarrad May 12, 2015

    cant find these fares?

  • Ric Garrido May 12, 2015

    Looks like they are gone now. Found $693 on Google Flights in September, but it priced at $1,200. This sale has been periodic over the past two weeks. Tends to be around less than 24 hours. This one has been around a couple of days with a fare drop in past 24 hours.

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