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Ukraine Airlines JFK to Europe Moscow $458, London $541, Istanbul $543, Amsterdam $561 Sep-Oct dates

Ukraine Airlines has some real deals to Europe in September and October, if you have the nerve to fly via Kiev, Ukraine. 

  • New York JFK – Moscow DME $458
  • New York JFK – London Gatwick LGW $525 to $603.
  • New York JFK – Istanbul IST $543.
  • New York JFK – Vilnius VNO $552
  • New York JFK – Amsterdam AMS $561.
  • New York JFK – Athens ATH $690

There are many more low fare destinations in Europe for Ukraine Airlines flights. These are low fares that include free seat assignments, in contrast to seat assignment fees typical for low fare carriers like Norwegian Airlines.

New York JFK – Moscow DME $458

Saturday Sep 19 – Saturday Sep 26

JFK-DME Moscow $458 Ukraine Sep15

St. Petersburg on Star Alliance

While searching Ukraine fares I found a real deal on Star Alliance airlines Swiss, Lufthansa and LOT Polish with low fare flights from Newark EWR to St. Petersburg, Russia LED airport as low as $513 to $531 for travel September to November 2015. Looks like Star Alliance is attacking Aeroflot for Russia while Aeroflot has lowest fares to many European airports in fall months from Los Angeles LAX and had lowest fares from JFK, until this Ukraine Airlines sale.

EWR-LED St Petersburg UA $512

Ukraine Airlines New York JFK – London Gatwick LGW

$541 October 3-12

This ticket allows 2 full days in Kiev, Ukraine.

JFK-LGW $541 Ukraine Kiev 2 days

On the return the Ukraine Airlines flight leaves LGW Saturday night and arrives in Kiev at 4:20am Sunday morning with the flight back to New York JFK on Tuesday at 11am. I love this kind of routing with two days in Kiev for free. Of course, you can route this itinerary without the need to overnight in Kiev.

London at $541 all-in is a hard fare to beat.

The $525 fare is not one I could duplicate for dates I checked. The fare showed $525 on Google Flights, but priced at $541 on Priceline and $603 on Ukraine Airlines website for dates I checked.

New York JFK – Amsterdam AMS $595

October 3-11 (Oct 10 overnight in Kiev)

JFK-AMS Ukraine Oct $595

This is another fare that showed $561 on Google Flights, but $595 is the lowest price I found on Priceline with overnight in Kiev on return.

Aeroflot has JFK-AMS for around $600 for travel in May and June.

Ukraine Airlines offers codeshare flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco with United Airlines and Virgin America to JFK for the Ukraine Airlines flights. Airfare to Kiev priced at $750 to $900 from California.

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