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Go west from Victoria for Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort Sooke

Victoria is charming and crowded as the capital city of British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Go west from Victoria about 25 miles and you reach the town of Sooke on the southwest corner of the island.

Best Western Sooke-1

Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort Sooke, British Columbia.

A few years ago Best Western decided to tier their hotels by designating some hotels as Best Western Plus and the best of the best as Best Western Premier hotels. The Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort Sooke impressed me for a Best Western.

BW Sooke lobby-1

The large lobby had hard wood floors with a spacious and appealing interior design.


BW Sooke lobby-2

There are comfortable seating areas and large windows looking out to the fishing village harbor.

BW Sooke lobby-3

This a family owned and operated hotel on the waterfront at Sooke Harbour. The area was quiet with the sound of birds the most noticeable feature outside.

BW Sooke harbor view

I had arrived just after rain showers as the evening sun broke through the clouds for a gorgeous blue water setting.

Sooke is the last town with regular services on the Pacific Marine Circle Route until you reach Lake Cowichan. Port Renfrew has a hotel and general store and a seasonal gas station (April-October) with high prices.

Google Maps Duncan-Port Renfrew-Sooke

I arrived at the hotel after driving 130 km (80 miles) from Lake Cowichan over the logging road from the east side of the island.

Loyalty Traveler – Can’t see the forest for the missing trees in Vancouver Island logging photos (images from the Pacific Marine Circle route between Sooke and Lake Cowichan).

Driving 35 km to Victoria after check-out from Best Western Sooke took about an hour. There is some serious traffic in this part of the island. The hotel is west of the town center in Sooke.

“You have been upgraded”

My favorite words to hear, “You have been upgraded”. As a Diamond member in Best Western Rewards I was having luck getting some of the best rooms at this hotel and the Best Western Tin Wis Resort in Tofino.

Loyalty Traveler – On the Beach at Best Western Tin Wis Resort Tofino, British Columbia (April 28).

My room was in the center of the hotel. Not a suite, but possibly the best patio for the hotel with a patio divider from the adjacent rooms.

Best Western Sooke-2 room view

The room featured a King bed, couch and desk.

BW Sooke King

In bed staring at the palm tree, my thought is I would change the photo to an old growth red cedar or Douglas fir image to fit the Vancouver Island rustic setting more appropriately.

The hotel has five floors with Floor 2 being the lobby. My room was Floor 3.

BW Sooke-couch    BW Sooke desk

The walk-in bathroom shower was the stand-out feature of this room.

BW Sooke shower   BW Sooke sinks

I need to be water conscious in California, where we are in serious drought conditions. Western Vancouver Island is one of the rainiest places in North America. I let the rain shower in the temperate rain forest hotel wash over my head for an extended period.

BW Sooke harbor view-1    BW Sooke harbor view-2

The setting of the hotel was tranquil. The place reminded me of the fishing villages I lived in when residing in Maine in the 1990s.

Sooke boats  BW Sooke rainbow

View of Best Western Sooke with rainbow seen from Whiffin Spit.

Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort has an indoor pool.

BW Sooke pool     BW Sooke hot tub

The hotel features the West Coast Grill restaurant and Le Sooke spa. There did not appear to be other dining options within walking distance of the hotel. There are restaurant a mile or so east on Sooke town center.

BW Sooke rain

My stays at Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort Sooke and Best Western Tin Wis Lodge Resort in Tofino were both excellent hotels in the western coast outposts of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort Sooke was 20,000 points per reward night during my April 2015 stay. Rates were as low as $100 CAD in April on an extended stay rate or $120 CAD. Rates in May have climbed to about $150 CAD per night.

The two Best Western hotels in Tofino and Sooke are outstanding properties in waterfront locations of beautiful Vancouver Island.