300 hotels up, 150 down in IHG Reward Night Points Changes May 1, 2015

You have through Thursday, April 30 to make reward reservations for lower points rates at 300 hotels increasing in reward night points price on Friday, May 1. Looks like most of the 300 hotels going up are increasing 10,000 points, while 150 hotels going down decrease 5,000 points in IHG reward night points changes May 1, 2015.

Link to IHG Reward Night Points Changes May 1, 2015.

There are no really big trends I see, except many airport hotels rising and major city hotels. 300 hotels increasing out of 4,500 is about 6% worldwide.

In my opinion, IHG points tend to only have good value at the low priced hotels of 20,000 points or less. I generally find hotels priced at 25,000 to 35,000 points are in locations where other hotel chains offer better reward values.

For example, Holiday Inn & Suites Anaheim increases reward night points from 30,000 to 35,000 points. That is a $200 room night, even if buying points at the discount $565 for 100,000 points still available for purchase today through Daily Getaways.

IHG Reward nights 5-1-15

There are almost always better deals than spending $200 per night for a Disneyland area hotel.

Even on a weekend in July, the rates at Holiday Inn & Suites Anaheim do not often reach $200 per night.

Holiday Inn Anaheim July rates

These IHG reward night changes are not a big deal to me. I’ll sit on my IHG points and not rush to make reservations this week. I prefer to wait for IHG promotions and PointBreaks offering hotel reward night discounts to get the best value for IHG points.

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