IHG Rewards Club Share Forever promotion assessment

IHG Rewards Club Share Forever promotion launched this week with what seems to be the customary IHG Rewards Club promotion enrollment hiccups. I finally got through to the registration page late Tuesday night to see my offer, after several attempts to login on IHG’s Share Forever page.

IHG Share Forever promotion is for hotel stays from May 1 through September 7, 2015 giving members 129 days to reach Share Forever goals and earn targeted bonuses.

Look beyond the videos and Coca Cola sponsorship and here is the meat of my promotion. Your promotion may have different goal posts.

IHG Share Forever goals

IHG Points Offered at Each Goal Post

1 night = 1,000 bonus points.

4 nights = 5,000 bonus points.

  • Promotion bonus total = 6,000 points.

7 nights = 4,000 bonus points.

  • Promotion bonus total = 10,000 points.

10 nights = 8,000 bonus points.

  • Promotion bonus total = 18,000 points and the ability to gift IHG Rewards Club Gold elite to another person.

14 nights = 50,000 bonus points or two free nights.

  • Promotion bonus total = 68,000 points or 2 free nights + 18,000 points.

24 nights = 60,000 bonus points.

  • Promotion bonus total = 128,000 points or 2 free nights + 78,000 points.

Overall, this is a decent promotion considering the length of time over summer to stay 14 nights and earn 2 free nights + 18,000 points. This offer can be knocked out with one or two extended stays and there are no hotel brand specific requirements like the last two promotions from IHG. A two-week stay in Candlewood Suites works. Sounds like a good promotion if you are in the need for some home remodeling or home relocation or an extended road trip.

IHG Share Forever Terms & Conditions.

Free Night is valid at hotels in the IHG® Rewards Club Family of Brands in the Americas region only and must be redeemed (and stay must be completed) by June 30, 2016. Free Night is valid for one standard room night rate and applicable taxes only. Rooms are limited, subject to prior sale and availability of allocated resources and may be unavailable during high demand periods. Free Night may not be transferred, extended beyond the expiration date, redeemed for cash, or re-credited for points. Individual hotel’s cancellation policy applies to the use of the Free Night. Cancellation fees apply if cancellation is made outside of the hotel’s cancellation time period. Free Night rules and regulations are subject to change.

Combining all the share points to evaluate the total points earned from this offer reveals that I will likely sit this one out as far as chasing the Share Forever goals. The offer is a reasonable bonus at the 14 nights and 24 nights level, but that is a lot of discretionary nights and spend. The offer is not lucrative enough to divert my other hotel plans for summer.

The issue for my travels this summer is I’ll be in heavy redemption mode burning Club Carlson points to take advantage of the free night offer on reward stays for Club Carlson Visa members.

Kelley and I already have four free IHG nights from the Fall 2014 Into the Nights offer to burn before the end of 2015.

Looks like I’ll probably sit this IHG promotion out.

How does your IHG Share Rewards offer appeal to you?

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  1. This promo isn’t good.

    Was your wife’s the same as yours? I have multiple accounts and they were all different.

    It would be great if you are moving or remodeling. I moved in December/January so I could have stayed at a Candlewood Suites near my new place because it took about 10 days for my stuff to get delivered.

    In the last promotions it was along the lines of doing 5-7 nights to claim the promo. I wont be traveling that much to claim the promo.

  2. Hmmm — last promotion I got 50,500 points with 3 nights total. This one they want me to stay 17 nights for 2 free nights and a handful of points… nope!

  3. @Dan – Took two days to see my offer. Have not checked wife’s offer.

    @Blake – Reminds me of the way Hyatt and SPG design their promotions to have you stay 20 to 25 nights at a pace that would make you top level elite. Not too much incentive for those who travel leisurely with maybe 5 to 10 hotel nights per quarter.

  4. The page to login for the Share Forever promotion is insecure (http: instead of https:) I tried changing it to https: and logging in and it switched it back to insecure and wanted me to login. No Thanks!

    Reminds me of Hilton sending you off to an insecure third party site to register for their sweepstakes and then all of sudden they have accounts that are hacked.

    I guess the IT folks need some help.

  5. This will be the third straight IHG promo that’s just not worth it to me. I guess I’ll avoid them another year and then maybe I’ll get a useful offer.

  6. I am a Platinum Ambassador excellent patron (why, I wonder) of the IHG brand. My share promotion is absurd. Thank you very much for 500 points for the first night a stay at an IHG hotel. Then, if I stay another 7 nights I get an additional 7000 points. I won’t even go further. I usually stay at the upper level of the brand. So let’s say I spend $300 per night at the Willard or Amstel (it will probably cost me more) for the 7 nights. That is $2100. And I get 7000 points????? To stay one night at these hotels costs 50,000 points. Do the math. I would rather pay and stay at a Four Seasons!

  7. @Ric I was bale to get in by just logging into the site with my # and pin before I got the formal email.

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