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United-ANA Houston to Singapore $825 in July

For some reason, United Airlines and ANA have July and August fares from Houston to Singapore as low as $814 to $825 for about 30 dates of departure. You will pay $1,025 to $1,200 as low airfare to fly round trip to Singapore from Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York in July. Airfare is around $740 to $840 flying from LAX or SFO to Singapore in May 2015, but then airfare climbs for June and July dates.

United Airlines Houston IAH – SIN Singapore

$825 economy K class July 3-10, 2015

IAH-SIN United $825 Jul3-10

At 9,971 flight miles each direction, too bad this IAH-SIN ticket earns miles based on $710 base fare rather than 20,000 miles flight distance.

For an extra $10, you can fly ANA operated flights on an ANA website purchased ticket in economy K class. You only earn 25% flight miles with United Mileage Plus, but that is still more miles than revenue based miles if you do not have or care about Mileage Plus elite status. ticket purchase earns 3,550 redeemable miles in United Mileage Plus based on $710 base fare. ticket purchase earns about 4,983 redeemable miles in Mileage Plus based on 25% flight miles for ANA economy K class. Credit to ANA Mileage Club and earn 30% miles for 5,980 redeemable miles.