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American Airlines San Francisco and Newark EWR to Brazil fares for beach or Amazon jungle in $700s

Last week I reported American Airlines low fares to Brazil. Miami had routes around $600 to several airports. Los Angeles and San Francisco were closer to $800 mark with LAX being slightly lower than $800 and fares from San Francisco slightly above. The interesting aspect of last week’s sale and today’s sale are American Airlines ticket prices are about the same whether you fly to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo or to a dozen or more airports all across Brazil. Some airports are fairly remote locations along southern Atlantic coastal beaches or deep in the interior of the Amazon rain forest.

Loyalty Traveler – American puts Brazil on sale $600 to $793 into June 2015, many departure airports (April 7)

The flight scene for Brazil has changed in the past week.

Good news is American Airlines relatively low fares in the $770 to $800 range are still available from New York and San Francisco for bookings today for travel to many airports across Brazil into December, with the exception of July departures.

Bad news is New York fares are lower fares than Miami MIA departures. San Francisco SFO fares are lower than Los Angeles LAX departures.

This is a good deal when a discount San Francisco fare matches a discount New York fare to South America.

First, let’s see a map of Brazil, so even the uninformed can see where airports are located in Brazil. Most readers have probably never been to Brazil. I have not been to Brazil, although I had a friend who visited the area frequently and shared many travel stories over the years about Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

Brazil is big. Do not count the states of Hawaii and Alaska and Brazil is a larger land area than the 48 USA.

New York – Brazil airfares Tuesday, May 5 – Tuesday, May 12

Brazil flight map

[click on image for full size map of Brazil airports and prices.]

Brazil is so large an area that I can’t fit the entire geographic boundaries in an image clip from Google Flights without knocking off a couple hundred miles of the south and the northern border with countries on the South America continent. Obviously, I could make Brazil fit in the image if I zoomed out. You would not see the airports then. Click on Brazil airports image and check it out. ‘Size does matter’ in travel.

Here are some routes and prices for New York JFK and San Francisco SFO to Brazil airports. MIA as a departure airport looked to be more expensive for most routes outside major Brazil hubs of Rio and Sao Paulo.

New York EWR – MAO Manaus, American $771.17 Economy Q booking class $660 base fare.

  • 6,982 AAdvantage miles EWR-MIA-MAO-MIA-EWR

EWR-MAO-$771 AA Brazil May15

Manaus, Brazil is a city of 2 million in the middle of the Amazon rain forest and was founded over 300 years ago. The city’s major significance to me is I looked at the city dot in an atlas at my grandmother’s house in Covina, California  when I was a young teenager in the 1970s, the kind of book door-to-door sales persons used to walk around neighborhoods selling with a sweet pitch.  I wondered what it would cost to fly to Manaus, that population dot in a sea of forest? I don’t remember the price now. I guarantee you it was several times the cost today, adjusted for inflation.

We can travel the world on low airfares. I am not sure that is entirely a good thing with air travel increasing along with climate change factors.

May 2015 low airfare

Newark EWR – Recife REC $771 The Brazilian ‘Venice’ is dotted with islands along a coastal reef on the Atlantic. A major shipping port.

Porto de Galinhas is 40 miles south of Recife and has been voted Brazil’s best beach town by some measures. 

Newark EWR – Curitiba CWB $772

I googled Curitiba during the World Cup soccer match 2014 and this place intrigued me as a good Brazil destination known for its pine forests and fog. Sounded like a warmer Monterey away from the ocean.

Newark EWR – BSB Brasilia $775 Brazil’s capital city.

Newark EWR – SSA Salvador $775 Brazil’s third sister in population is Salvador, behind Sao Paulo and Rio. Original capital of colonial Brazil. Beaches.

Salvador is known as “Brazil’s capital of happiness” according to wikipedia.

How can you not like that?

  • Newark EWR – GRU Sao Paulo $775
  • Newark EWR – GIG Rio de Janeiro $775
  • San Francisco SFO – GIG Rio de Janeiro $775
  • San Francisco SFO – GRU Sao Paulo $775
  • San Francisco SFO – BSB Brasilia $775
  • San Francisco SFO – CWB Curitiba  $772
  • San Francisco SFO – REC Recife  $773
  • San Francisco SFO – SSA Salvador $773

Fares found on Google Flights.