Qatar Airways Globetrotter 100,000 bonus Qmiles promotion terms update

Last month Qatar Airways announced an intriguing Globetrotter promotion for 2015 with the potential to earn 120,000 bonus Q miles with four economy class tickets purchased and flown in specific periods of the year. Each ticket to a select destination during the Globetrotter promotion earns bonus miles and a theme badge. Earn all four theme badges and the Qatar Privileges frequent flyer earns 100,000 bonus Qmiles at the end of 2015.

Qatar Globetrotter-Themes

Loyalty Traveler – Qatar Airways Globetrotter 100,000 bonus miles. Doha 2015 mileage runs baby! (March 24)

Loyalty Traveler – Qatar Airways Globetrotter 100,000 bonus Qmiles low fare routes (March 25)

Qatar badges bonus points

The problem with this offer for savvy frequent flyers is the terms are not entirely clear on what constitutes an eligible badge-qualifying flight. There is some additional promotion clarification now that the Globetrotter promotion has been around for one week, yet questions still remain. 

Here is what we know as of April 9, 2015:

  • Only outbound flights from Doha to a theme destination airport count. Round trip on Qatar Airways from Paris CDG – Doha DOH – New Delhi DEL – Doha DOH – Paris CDG earns only one bonus 5,000 Qmiles for economy class for DOH-DEL flight segment.

Qatar Globetrotter Bonus Qmiles

  • No retroactive credit for flights taken before Qatar Privileges member registers for Globetrotter promotion. I was told by customer service that promotion registration is available after booking a flight. Members must register at least 24 hours before qualifying flight. There is no promotion registration link online for my account as a new Qatar Privileges member.
  • A resident of a country with a destination city in the theme will not receive badge credit or bonus miles for a flight to that airport.

Qatar Globetrotter webpage provides this example:

Bonus Qmiles will be credited only for the outbound journey and not for the return journey. Outbound and return journey will be decided based on the country of residence mentioned in the Privilege Club account of the member.

For instance a member residing in Egypt who embarks on a return trip from Cairo to Amman (Cairo – Doha – Amman – Doha – Cairo) during the Cultural Exploration travel period will only earn bonus Qmiles for the outbound journey to Amman as Amman is one of the destinations under the Cultural Exploration theme. No bonus Qmiles will be awarded for the return trip to Cairo as Egypt is member’s registered country of residence.

This leaves open the question of whether a resident of another country can get credit for two themes with a ticket Cairo to Amman on Qatar. But, even as a U.S. resident is the return flight Doha-Cairo ineligible for bonus miles and a badge. The safe bet is to assume your round trip ticket will not earn a badge or bonus miles for arriving back at your starting airport.

In addition to the above, if you have a single ticket with multiple destinations that cut across two themes you will earn bonus Qmiles for the outbound journeys. For instance if you travel between June and August from Doha to Washington and Goa, you will earn bonus Qmiles across the Cultural Exploration (Washington) and Adventurous Getaway (Goa) themes.

Still unclear if tickets must be round trip or if one-way tickets from Doha count? This example given in the box above would be flying Doha to Washington IAD and then to Goa. You must route back from IAD-DOH for the flight to GOA on Qatar Airways. This is essentially two round trip tickets issued as one ticket.

My guess is round trip is required to earn badges. Qatar Airways seems reluctant to spell out specific details in email requests according to FlyerTalk member reports. I am staying tuned in on this offer, but staying on the fence until more specifics emerge as what qualifies for flight credit.

I will not start this Qatar Globetrotter promotion until August if I decide to fly. Many more anecdotal details will emerge in the next month as flyers report how their flights were credited by Qatar Airways. Once we know exactly what kind of routings qualify, then figuring out the spend needed for earning 120,000 bonus Q miles will be easier to minimize. My initial estimate for the cost of this promotion was about $2,700 in Qatar Airways Globetrotter 100,000 bonus Qmiles low fare routes to buy four tickets and earn 120,000 bonus Qmiles.

What can Qatar Privileges 120,000 Q miles be used for?

Is this Globetrotter really worth the effort and expense of $2,500 to $3,500 for 120,000 bonus Qmiles?

Here is what I saw in my Qatar Privileges offers this week:

50% redemption discount awaits you at our Member Service Centre

Enjoy a 50% redemption discount when you redeem your Qmiles at our Member Service Centre in Oryx Galleria, Doha for select flights from Doha* to any of the below select destinations served by Qatar Airways.

For instance, a flight award in Business Class from Doha to Philadelphia (one-way) will require35,000 Qmiles instead of the usual 70,000 Qmiles.

To be eligible, book your award tickets from 29th March until 4th April 2015 and fly between 1st April and 30th May 2015.

Qatar Privileges 50% off Business Class awards

Qatar 50% off Business awards

Doha to Perth, Australia one-way in Business Class for 35,000 miles.

Qatar Privileges 50% off Economy Class Awards

Qatar 50% off Economy awards

This is probably not a good example of Qatar Privileges reward value for Americans since these award tickets required ticketing at Qatar Member Services Center in Doha between March 29 and April 4. This is only one example of offers like 25% off award travel and special award ticket discounts with Qatar Privileges Easy Deals.

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  1. Can we really trust QR? There are many negative stories told on Flyertalk about their poor customer support and bad handling of past deals.

  2. Thank you for notifying us about the latest term-update, it was new to me.
    If you add all these term-changes up, especially with the last and important one (that you have to fly DOH-*).

    MY personal thought on what will be considered qualifying flights and not is as follows:
    All flights FROM DOH to any destination in the promotion, except your home-location.
    Flights doesn’t have to be round-trip, as long as they’re DOH-*
    Homebound journeys will not be counted, but if you split it up into 2 bookings (more expensive though) you should be fine.
    This new term-addition also effectively puts an end to the PNH-SGN “trick”.

    Since QR now have a special offer on biz-class from Scandinavia, in addition to a personalized promotion I just got with double miles, I will end up doing the full journeys in business class (with the double mile promotion, you actually get a better deal than with economy).


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