Missing Hyatt’s best rate guarantee phone service

This week is the first time I filed a Hyatt best rate guarantee claim since they moved to online claim service last year. I booked Hyatt Regency Vancouver for $239 CAD and filed a best rate guarantee claim against a flexible cancellation room for $101 USD on Kayak.com via getaroom.com. My last Hyatt BRG claim was made in May 2015 and took about ten minutes on the phone to be approved.

I received an email from Hyatt Service Desk four hours after submitting my claim Tuesday night, April 7, stating the agent was unable to verify the claim and she could not open my image attachment.

The first hassle was the Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee claim form requires submitting a screenshot image of the lower rate.


Hyatt BRG screenshot

That turned out to be far more difficult than I imagined since PNG images are not accepted. Why does a screen shot matter anyway? No other hotel chain asks for or accepts screenshots as evidence of a lower rate. 

The issue of the Hyatt agent not finding the lower rate baffles me. The rate was there Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and is still there as I write this post.

Kayak Hyatt Regency Vancouver $101.45

It has now been over 36 hours since I filed my best rate guarantee for Hyatt Regency Vancouver. I resent a PDF image of the screenshot seen above over 24 hours ago to Hyatt in reply to the email.

Not sure why the Hyatt agent cannot see the rates on Kayak.com that I see. Hyatt is the fourth hotel shown on the page I see for a Vancouver search.

Kayak - Hyatt $100

My Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee claim would have been resolved in ten minutes back when Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee was handled by phone service. I am missing Hyatt’s best rate guarantee phone service.

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  1. I have had a BRG denied, but I called the 800-323-7249 and they were able to verify while Im on the phone and make the rate adjustment. So although, their official policy is no more phone calls, if you have a denial, you can call and try to get it verify over the phone

  2. I miss not being able to call in too. On the positive side at least they don’t require us to book anything beforehand.

  3. Hey Rick, do you know if the Hyatt BRG is based on comparable room rates. I booked a refundable rate and sent in the BRG, they denied it twice stating that the lowest rate (prepay) on Hyatt was cheaper than the OTA refundable rate but the refundable rate on Hyatt was more expensive than the refundable OTA rate.

  4. Hyatt approved my claim.

    @RL – I have never had the reason for a claim denied be listed as booking the refundable rate when there was a lower nonrefundable rate.

    I always book refundable rates.

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