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New York JFK–NAP Naples $588 Meridiana and earn Avios points too

Here is a good deal for nonstop round trip flights between New York JFK and NAP Naples, Italy on flights operated by Air Italy and marketed through Meridiana. Perhaps best of all is you can get out New York this Friday for $588 round trip, if you need to make a quick escape to Italy like Michael Corleone.

New York JFK-NAP Naples, Italy is $588 round trip for departures as early as this Friday, April 10 and next Friday before fare rises to $1,000+ from May to September 2015. Low prices of $594 round trip return for Friday departures from JFK in October 2015.

JFK-NAP Meridiana $589

Earn Avios Points Too with Meridiana Club

I assumed this was a charter flight, yet inspection of Meridiana reveals Meridiana Club, a frequent flyer program affiliated with British Airways and Iberia Avios.

The flight booking in the image above does not have any information about booking class for the flight, so it is hard to tell if this low fare earns Avios points or how many. The fine print of the Meridiana Club guide is a bit much to digest for me this morning for the answer to this question.

Meridiana Avios points JFK-NAP

At nonstop round trip fares New York JFK – NAP Naples available for departures this Friday or next Friday for $588 all-in, Avios points are not the primary selling point for this ticket.

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