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Daily Getaways Choice Privileges points value in 2 words twice

April 3 at 1pm ET, 10am PT Choice Privileges points go on sale in U.S. Travel Association’s Daily Getaways for as low as $160 for 40,000 points.

The Thief Oslo

The Thief

Today is Day 9 of 25 days for Daily Getaways travel offers. Five of the offers from the first eight days did not sell out yet and can still be purchased.

Obviously, there are not too many hotel loyalty program members finding value for 10,000 Best Western Rewards points at $55 or 15,000 IHG Rewards Club points at $90.

Points in both of those programs are good buys for many hotel properties in my opinion. I’d buy these points if I had spare change sitting around, but like many of you, I don’t.

I have been waiting for Choice Privileges points to go on sale April 3 as that is where I plan to blow my travel budget.

The Thief Hotel Oslo

The Thief

Hyatt Gold Passport points are a great buy April 10, but difficult to get with plenty of competition for very few sets of hotel points.

The last day of Daily Getaways is one of the best values, perhaps the best deal in this year’s edition of Daily Getaways when $1,000 Expedia travel card will be on sale for $650. This is likely to be another hard item to buy with only 50 cards available, but the $650 price tag will weed out lots of competition.


Two nights at The Thief Oslo, Ascend Collection cost 40,000 Choice Privileges points.

Loyalty Traveler – The Thief Oslo by design

I blew 216,000 points with 13 nights at Nordic Choice Hotels in Norway September 2014. That is around $900 in points if you buy during tomorrow’s sale. I need to replenish my account before I head back to Scandinavia in July 2015.

Loyalty Traveler articles below are about Nordic Choice Hotels I visited and stayed in Norway using Choice Privileges points. Norway was the most expensive country in the world last September when the 13 hotel nights I booked had published rates around $5,000. Norway’s currency has declined 25% against the US Dollar in the past six months with the drop in oil prices. Norway is a major oil producing country. Two weeks in the same Nordic Choice Hotels in July 2015 might only be $4,000. The points price for reward nights has not changed.

I will try to buy Choice Privileges points tomorrow.

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  • GUWonder April 2, 2015

    I won’t be as eager to buy as in some years past — unless it’s for a redemptiom within 60-100 days. I’m encountering some nightly rates at Nordic Choice properties that hit 30,000 points per night. Before this year, that award price level wasn’t present when redeeming for Choice properties in Scandinavian localities.

    Also, more properties in the Nordic Choice group seem to have wised up and changed things so last room availability no longer exists if the lowest categories’ rooms are sold out and all that exists for sale are “superior/deluxe” (non-suite) rooms. This has been a growing trend unfortunately.

    Given the program has been innovating as of late, I wouldn’t be surprised if a devaluation is nearer than before. And when you can’t book more than two months out for these propeties unless you are Platinum/Diamomd in the program, that has its own issues.

    Will I be buying? Yes, but even less than last year. The value in buying and holding the points is less than it was before; and so I’m not as eager to buy as I would otherwise be.

  • Ric Garrido April 2, 2015

    I see where there are 25,000 and 30,000 points hotels in Stockholm. Rates for the hotels are only around $100 USD when I checked July dates a few minutes ago. Perhaps I’ll pick up some Nordic Choice Club points on paid stays in Stockholm.

    Norway hotels still look like fantastic deals. I do not see any reward night rate rises in Oslo.

  • Ric Garrido April 4, 2015

    I managed to buy 172,000 points during the sale for $720. That will be sufficient for 9 to 11 nights in Scandinavian Nordic Choice Hotels in July 2015.

    But, on the same day of this sale we learned Club Carlson is eliminating the free night benefit on award stays for Club Carlson Visa members on June 1, 2015. I have 300,000 points to spend.

    I might be burning my Club Carlson points for July 2015 hotel stays in Scandinavia instead and save Choice Privileges points for my next trip to Scandinavia. I know I’ll fly Norwegian Airlines from Oakland one of these days, hopefully in 2015.

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