Cebu City, Philippines $717 from many USA airports United Airlines/Philippine Airlines April dates

Cebu City, Philippines has a discount United Airlines/Philippine Airlines fare around $720 roundtrip for some April dates from many airports across the USA including JFK, ORD, IAH, LAX and SFO.

New York JFK – CEB Cebu City Philippines


Monday April 20 – Monday April 27

JFK-CEB Cebu City United April 2015 $720

This itinerary is JFK to Tokyo NRT outbound on ANA, connecting to Philippine Airlines NRT-CEB. Good schedule with four hour layover in NRT, but arrival at 11:30pm is a bit late. Return is Philippine Airlines to Osaka KIX in Japan and then United operated flights KIX-SFO and SFO-JFK.

Cebu City

Cebu City is the oldest Spanish settlement in the Philippines, discovered on Ferdinand Magellan’s around the world voyage in 1521. Magellan was killed a month after arriving in the Philippines  in the Battle of Mactan. Still, he gets fame and credit for organizing and leading the first around the world voyage (1519-22), even though he died half-way through the journey.

Lots of history in Cebu City to be discovered at a low price for flights in April 2015.

Cebu City vs. Manila

For many locations the fare to Cebu City is $200 less than the fare to Manila. Roundtrip airfare is around $100 between CEB and MNL on Philippine Airlines.

[Update: See comments] But, plan on ferry travel or a miles award to get between Cebu City and Manila if you want to make that journey. The lowest airfare between these two cities 350 miles apart is around $450 and over $500 on most dates in April and May. 

I bet airlines wish they could charge those rates between LAX and SFO.

There is a slightly lower fare available today from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Manila MLE Philippines at $703 on United or Delta Airlines.

Loyalty Traveler – United and Delta Los Angeles to Manila $703 April and May departures (March 27)

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  1. Cebu is actually a better base than Manila. Manila is a chaotic and polluted city. I don’t know why anyone would want to visit there. Cebu has decent beaches and is a ferry ride away from the beautiful, desolate islands. It’s also close to Boracay and Palawan.

  2. If you want to go from CEB-MNL, check PAL’s website directly. It’s often cheaper. Also check AirAsia and Cebu Pacific. The 450 figure you are throwing is hard to believe.

  3. @Keith – I figure there have to be lower fares than $450 roundtrip. Those are the lowest fares for CEB-MNL I found on Google Flights in April and May 2015.

  4. @Keith – You are correct. Google Flights is inaccurate price.

    Philippine Airlines website priced roundtrip CEB-MNL at 4,642 PHP which converts to $103.58. So it is an affordable flight, even though you make a strong case against visiting Manila.

  5. Fares between Cebu and Manila are less than $100 on on many dates during those months.

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