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Hainan Airlines Chicago ORD Shanghai SHA $576 with Beijing stopover

Chicago ORD to Shanghai SHA, China on Hainan Airlines is a $576 low fare that stands out for two reasons. First, this $576 fare is only available for a couple of dates in April and is priced $400 to $500 lower than American, ANA,  and United Airlines. Second, The $576 fare has a potential 48 transit layover for free in Beijing on the return if you book through Orbitz or Priceline. You can book a multi-city itinerary on Hainan with a Beijing stopover for $650 all-in roundtrip.

United Airlines has a $560 fare ORD-PEK, if that is more desirable.

Hainan Airways website is bookable with a 24 hour overnight in Beijing. You have to overnight in Beijing on the return for the low fare and 24 hours seems better than an evening arrival and early morning departure.  You can book the itinerary without the 48-hour stopover, but if you want a free trip to Beijing with your ticket to Shanghai, then this is a deal available on Priceline or Orbitz.

ORD-SHA Hainan $576 April 21

There are only a couple of dates with the $576 fare and the next lowest fares are $651 and low $700s for Hainan. Other airlines are over $900 roundtrip in April and May 2015.

I have never seen a ticket priced with a two-day stopover when there are daily flights. This itinerary prices out on Priceline with a 48 hour stopover in Beijing.

Priceline $576 for Hainan Airlines Chicago ORD- Shanghai SHA with 48 hour stopover in Beijing on return.

ORD-SHA Priceline 48 hours

Hainan Airlines site allows booking the itinerary with 23:55 minutes transit stop at $576, but the two-day stopover when entering a multi-city itinerary prices at $650. You can buy a stopover in Beijing for $75 with the online booking of a multi-city itinerary.

ORD-SHA Hainan$576  flights-1

Hainan Airlines ORD-SHA April 19 outbound

SHA-PEK-ORD Hainan $576

The inbound return itinerary has a 23 hour transit stop in Beijing.

Ord-SHA $576

Hainan Airways price for ORD-SHA roundtrip with 23 hour transit overnight layover in Beijing.

This is a great fare for Chicago ORD to Shanghai roundtrip for under $600 with a chance to visit Beijing too.

Priceline will sell the ticket for $75 less than Hainan if you want 48 hours in Beijing. Or go with Hainan if you want more time in Beijing.

Ord-SHA-PEK $650

Hianan Airlines ORD-SHA multi-city itinerary with Beijing stopover is $75 more at $650.56 all-in round trip.