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Chicago ORD Europe Flight Deals for April and May travel

Searching for international flight deals from Chicago ORD has me feeling happy I am in California where I have found far more low fares for international travel over the next two months. Still, there are places in Europe under $800, but you might want to consider traveling from Chicago to New York or Canada or California for better flight deals to Europe.

Chicago ORD Europe Flight Deals for April and May travel

Here are some of the airports I found with low fares over the next two months. Many of these fares last through the second week of May before spiking several hundred dollars. Many of the lowest fares that end in May return for flights in late August and into October or even December.

Chicago ORD – Europe round trip ticket deals

$739 to $765 Chicago ORD – Budapest BUD Hungary

Air France, KLM, Delta, Lufthansa, Swiss, United nearly every date through May 12.

$739 – $772 Chicago ORD – Dublin, Ireland

United is priced lower than nonstop Aer Lingus flights around $800 from ORD. $739 flights are United one way and Air Canada one way. United only flights around $772. Tickets under $780 available until June 11 on United, mostly via EWR before summer fare spike.

ORD-DUB United $772 June 2015

$717 Chicago ORD – Krakow KRK Poland

ORD-KRK LH $717 April

Lufthansa Airfare is $717 to $735 nearly every date through May 14, 2015.

$779 – $794 Chicago ORD – Warsaw WAW Poland

Lufthansa, Swiss flights and United Airlines available for many dates until May 15.

$742 – $800 Chicago ORD – Sofia SOF Bulgaria

Air France, Delta, KLM, Alitalia, Austrian, Lufthansa, United most dates to May 15.

$764 – $800 Chicago ORD – Bucharest OTP Romania

Air France, Delta, KLM, Alitalia, Austrian, Lufthansa, United most dates to May 15.

What I like about the alliance fares is the potential to work a transit stop in the itinerary. Alitalia means potentially a day trip in Rome, Air France a layover in Paris, KLM Amsterdam. Overnight layovers can either be an unnecessary lodging expense or an opportunity to visit another city for a few hours on one ticket with a less than 24 hour transit layover.

$720 Chicago ORD – Istanbul IST Turkey

American and British Airways fare. Swiss and Lufthansa are about $100 more. Available most dates to May 14, 2015.

When airfare from Chicago to most places in Europe is running over $1,000, there are still some deals. Once you are in Europe, getting around to different countries on low cost carrier airlines is relatively inexpensive compared to typical USA flights around the states.

Want low fares to Europe this summer? Fly from Canada. Flying from Canada offers deep discounts to many cities in Europe for summer 2015 flights compared to ticket prices from USA airports.